Scoop: BRAT PACK movie gets director Saleh

While comics and graphic novels being optioned for film are practically a daily occurrence around here, there’s one movie that we would REALLY like to see get made, and that the planned BRAT PACK film from Ars Nova (BLACK DYNAMITE). A stunningly dark look at the superhero universe, it’s one of the most disturbing — and pointed — takes on the genre ever.

Now, we hear from the grapevine that the adaptation has a director — Tarik Saleh is on board to direct a live action version that is faithful to the tone of the source. Saleh, whose background is as a graffiti artist, is known for Metropia, an innovative animated Swedish film with a script by Saleh, Fredrik Edin and the late Stig Larsson.

SCOOP! Toth biography expands to three volumes

Alex Toth fans rejoice. Dean Mullaney and Bruce Canwell’s long-awaited book on Toth, including a biography and little seen art — has expanded to a three volume, slip-cased edition, to be published by IDW. Toth’s children, Dana and Eric, were consulted in the writing process and it promises to be a comprehensive, lavishly illustrated affair. The first volume, Genius Isolated, ships in March 2011 and spotlights his early work and life until the 60s. Genius, Illustrated follows his life in Animation, and Genius Animated includes little seen animation models and drawings. A slipcase will ship with the third volume.