brat pack
While comics and graphic novels being optioned for film are practically a daily occurrence around here, there’s one movie that we would REALLY like to see get made, and that’s the planned BRAT PACK film from Ars Nova (BLACK DYNAMITE). A stunningly dark look at the superhero universe, it’s one of the most disturbing — and pointed — takes on the genre ever.

Now, we hear from the grapevine that the adaptation has a director — Tarik Saleh is on board to direct a live-action version that is faithful to the tone of the source. Saleh, whose background is as a graffiti artist, is known for METROPIA, an innovative animated Swedish film with a script by Saleh, Fredrik Edin and the late Stig Larsson.

Let the casting ideas begin for Midnight Mink, Judge Jury and the rest of the Slumberg superhero set.


  1. What a nice surprise! Good for Rick Veitch, to get some of that movie option money, he’s certainly paid his dues in the cartoon trenches and deserves it. I dunno if it will be possible to replicate the tone, especially the distinctive ways that Rick plays with panels and parallel storylines in that book. It would be quite a dark film, I imagine. But I think we’ve mostly learned to separate our enjoyment of the original comics from any adaptations, so whatever happens, we can accept it.