Walking Dead Season Finale Review: Ya kinda LOST me

Last night the mini first season of AMC’s smash insta-hit, The Walking Dead went out with a great big zombie plague origin story bang. Among the casualties were a couple of non-comic book canon characters who won’t be missed and lots of precious plot cohesion, plausibility or originality. I love the sheer, unadulterated page turn-ability of the Walking Dead comics and the first two episodes of the television show were incredibly good with the promise of even more great things to come. So it is with great regret that one of the only nice things I have to say about how the first chapter of the TV adaptation wrapped up is that new survivor Daryl and his crossbow will be around next season.

Diamond November '10 Sales Chart information

For your infographic entertainment, we’ve just posted Diamond’s raw info in our popular “Sales Chart” category. We’ve also posted the top 50 Indies, Top 50 Indie GNs, Top 50 Manga, and Top 25 Small Publisher Comics and Small Publisher GNs below. Enjoy! Top 300 Comics — November 2010 Top 300 Graphic Novels November 2010 Top […]

Con Report: New England Webcomics Weekend

Photos and text by Jen Vaughn The New England Webcomics Weekend was like no other convention I have attended in all my (two) years of attending comics events coast-to-coast. While many conventions are relaxed, this one was absolutely chill, with the many exhibitors neither hassling nor hard-selling to the attendees. Maybe it was because the […]

Walking Dead finale news roundup: Hurd, Kirkman, Nicotero

The Walking Dead wrapped up its brief 6-episode “first season” last night, and while we haven’t seen the ratings yet, it’s safe to say that AMC can’t get the second season on fast enough. Meanwhile, the creative team has been out in force. Producer Gale Ann Hurd went to EW to pooh-pooh talk of writer firings, saying that folks were just moving on to other projects. The surviving cast has been resigned for season two. Even Hurd is surprised by how well the show has done.

Raven TV show in development

With Smallville wrapping up, the WB is firing up the oven to cook up another DC-themed TV show. Now in development, rather surprisingly, Raven, the demon-spawned empath created by Marv Wolfman and George Pérez for the Teen Titans. Diego Gutierrez (V) is developing the concept for the CW. Raven previously appeared on TV as a Goth-type character on the Teen Titans cartoon.

Fashion: Hayden-Harnett does Fantasia

This is not comics, barely animation, but it does involve The Beat‘s favorite handbag designer, Hayden-Harnett, which has a deal with Disney to make limited edition handbags and accessories.

Video-watch: "The Comic Strip Hero" captures '80s comics industry

Over on YouTube, you can watch The Comic Strip Hero, 1981 documentary made by the BBC about the history of Superman. WE haven’t had time to watch the whole thing, but it promises a fantastic look back with contemporary footage of Superman creators Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster.

All The Venture Brothers Christmas singles

Every year the producers of the best cartoon of the 21st century, The Venture Brothers, unleash a new Christmas single — here’s a handy link to all of them to date Including Venture-Aid 2006 and The Monarch singing The Christmas Song. There are rumors of a new song for 2010, but until then, enjoy the mellow sounds of Venture-mas past.

Segura moves to Archie

On Friday, Alex Segura announced he was leaving DC Comics as Publicity Manager, and strongly hinted he’d be staying in comics. Today, it’s been announced that he’ll be joining Archie Comics as Executive Director of Publicity and Marketing. Segura previously freelanced as a Publicity Coordinator for Archie prior to working at Wizard and DC. Archie has recently revitalized their publishing program under the leadership of co-CEO Jon Goldwater, with news grabbing events such as showing Archie’s marriage, and adding an openly gay character to Riverdale’s cast of characters. They’ve also updated their product list with such things as an Archie Magazine and digital comics.

Eisner judges named

The judges for the 2011 Eisner Awards have been announced. They are Comic-Con board of Directors member Ned Cato, Jr., librarian/curator Karen Green, writer/editor Andrew Helfer, publishing executive (and BEAT contributor) Rich Johnson and retailer Chris Powell. The five will convene in late March to deliberate on the nominations, and the awards will be presented at next year’s San Diego Comic-Con.

Nice Art: Sergio Toppi

You’ll find a nice gallery of the work of the highly influential Italian cartoonist/illustratorSergio Toppi in this link.

Nice Art: Dune by Sienkiewicz, and more Dune Comics

This link has been making the rounds and why not? The 1985 comics adaptation of David Lynch’s DUNE drawn by Bill Sienkiewicz. Yes.

NOW with added Moebius and Paul Pope.