Walking Dead Recap: Wildfire

Walking Dead Recaplet: Season One/Episode 5: Wildfire Episode 5 started off strong but ended on an odd note with lots of plot threads left unraveled and undone, and lots of new mysteries  introduced with what seems like precious little time left in a brief first season to wrap them up. Last week saw the remaining survivors’ […]

Thought Bubble 2010

Thought Bubble is the favourite UK comics event for many, both fan and creator alike, and it’s easy to see why. The event is practically a love letter to comics, and is gaining popularity every year. Well organized and well attended, the enthusiasm in the air is almost infectious. The mix of comics and creators […]

D&Q announces plans for the complete Lynda Barry

Over the holiday week, the biggest news was the official announcement thatD&Q will re-release the complete works of Lynda Barry. Next fall will actually see the publication of the first volume of the complete Lynda Barry comics work (consisting primarily of her Ernie Pook’s Comeek strip but not limited to just that, oh no!) Things […]

Spider-Man musical debut gets hung up

Well, it has actually happened. We’ve been covering the Spider-Man musical story since it was first whispered, 5 or 6 years ago, and last year, at the Foxwoods Theatre in Manhattan, the very first public performance of the musical, directed by theater great Julie Taymor, with music by Bono and the Edge, of well known rock band, U2. Some thought this day would never come.

Adventures in coding

Hey there! The Beat is back! The Beat never really left, but we figured that what with the server overload it was best to just lie low over the holiday, and get ready for the sprint to the finish line. We’ll have a future post with all the gory technical details — including what to […]

RIP: Leslie Nielsen

While he will be long remembered for his timeless, side-splitting, searing portrayal of Lt. Frank Drebin, we shouldn’t forget Leslie Nielsen’s earlier stint as a stolid, upright leading man that allowed his later send-ups of this same role to pack such punch. And of course, he was pretty memorable in FORBIDDEN PLANET, a classic ’50s SF version of The Tempest that also introduced Robbie the Robot on a waiting world.

Please stand by…

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Normally, in situations such as this, we would run “classic” columns from before the advent of the World Wide Web.  Unfortunately, our tape archive was mistakenly recorded over with the 67th Academy Awards.

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