Thought for the day: Frank Darabont

The funny thing about the Internet nerds is — and I say this with love and a certain amount of suspicion and caution — no matter what you do, there’s a certain type of Internet dweller that’s going to piss and moan about it.

More King Con II deets

Tim O’Shea has his own Talking with Tim blog now, and his interview with Regan Jay Fishman has
lots of details on next weekend’s King Con in Brooklyn. We haven’t time to really dig in now but here’s the programming:

Behind the comics best sellers

Every Friday, The New York Times presents its “graphic books” best seller list. It’s compiled from BookScan, Diamond, and, as far as we can tell, magic juju algorithms of some kind. It is, like all best seller lists, probably a little subjective and magical, but it certainly reflects a stable metric of what books are selling briskly that week. Given all that we’ve talked about this week in terms of superheroes and literary comics and manga and what not…let’s see exactly what is selling THIS week in American comics, with my own commentary.

SUPERBOY preview by Lemire, Gallo, and Albuquerque

Via DC’s the Source, a preview of the new SUPERBOY #1, which goes on sale next Wednesday. The story is by Jeff Lemire and art by Pier Gallo, with cover by Rafael Albuquerque. Avoiding any issues with the still pending Superboy lawsuit, this is NOT young Clark Kent but a new clone named Connor Kent.

Wizard World goes Miami

Wizard is going Miami! Dexter! Sonny Crockett! Horatio Caine! Michael Westen and Sam Axe! Miami Sound Machine and LeBron! The show will be held at the newly redesigned Miami Airport Convention Center in February. This is already the home to the Florida Supercon, which is held in July each year. As long as this show […]

To Do 10/30: Monster Mashups at Bergen Street Comics

Tim Hall and Jen Ferguson present an art show of their MONSTER MASHUPS art project, at Bergen Street Comics. Will there be costumes? There better be!!!

DC Comics Month-to-Month Sales: August 2010

August 2010 wasn’t a great month for the direct market as a whole, and DC Comics was no exception. The current tent-pole title Brightest Day and its tie-in books kept performing solidly overall, but a number of other high-profile books, including Green Lantern, Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne, Batman and Robin and The Flash missed their August shipping dates, putting a bit of a dent in DC’s periodical performance: Overall dollar sales for new comic books were the lowest since June 2009, and average unit sales dropped to their second-lowest point of the last 12 months.

For the publisher’s Vertigo brand, August was particularly tough, with estimated average unit sales dropping to a new all-time low of 9,094. Again, though, the schedule is the culprit: With American Vampire, Joe the Barbarian and Jack of Fables, some of Vertigo’s best-selling comic-book titles didn’t come out in August. At the WildStorm imprint, average unit sales crashed back to just above 6K, and in this case, the schedule had little to do with it. At this stage, it’s not hard to see why DC is pulling the plug on WildStorm.

Review: The Walking Dead delivers stylish gore

So, does The Walking Dead (premiering this Sunday, Halloween, on AMC at 10:00/9 PM C) live up to the hype?

One Word Answer:  Ewwwwwwwwww!

UNEMPLOYED MAN employs many artists

You’d think a graphic novel drawn by Ramona Fradon, Rick Veitch, Michael Netzer and Terry Beatty would have gotten some attention, and it has, but not in comics circles. The Adventures of Unemployed Man by Erich Origen and Gan Golan, authors of the best-selling Goodnight, Bush. As you might guess, the topic at hand is an explanation (from one point of view) of why jobs are scarcer than a mint copy of CHEW #1. As a preview at Huffington Post shows, the story is a didactic allegory using superhero tropes to illustrate income disparity and the decoupling of profit from employment and…also how people turn into the Hulk from being exposed to too many Fox News rays.

Nairi Gardiner named SVP Finance for DC Entertainment

Over at the Source, PR for DC Entertainment’s new SVP of Finance, Nairi Gardiner. Things have been quiet on the DC front, publicly, for a variety of reasons, but there is still a lot of restructuring going on.

Burbank-based WB vet Gardiner replaces New York-based Pat Caldon, who is retiring, and shows in emerging detail that DC Entertainment is very much a Burbank company.

When authors draw: Should Margaret Atwood have designed the new Wonder Woman costume?

Based on what she came up with for one of her Twitter followers, probably. These are pretty good character designs!

When authors draw: Dave Eggers

Literary icon, comics admirer, and Bay Area resident Dave Eggers was hired to go to the World Series and draw what he found. The results are no threat to Ben Katchor, but pleasing enough.

31 Days of Halloween: David B.

Robot 6 previews THE LITTLEST PIRATE KING by David B., due any day from Fantagraphics, and dealing with…pirate zombies. Oh yeah. It’s based on a short story by Pierre Mac Orlan.

More Captain America movie pictures

We managed to get hold of a pdf of today’s EW story on Captain America. We won’t be stinkers and post the whole thing in readable form, but there are LOTS of pictures, including: