This weekend: Long Beach Comic Con

The looooong convention schedule is just about set to wrap up with the last big regional show of the year, the Long Beach Comic Com, in balmy downtown Long Beach this weekend. Guests include Marv Wolfman, Jimmy Palmiotti, Jeph Loeb, Stan Lee, Thomas Jane, and more. One last chance to frolic! Programming is here in a form you can import right into your social media. It’s going to be a fun, Halloween themed weekend with lots of Walking Dead-related activities.

Will this be Pass-oween for San Diego Comic-Con?

Some announcements about the 2011 Comic-Con International San Diego: mostly a reminder that four-day passes and single-day tickets go on sale on November 1 at 9 am PST. (Preview Night has been sold out since this year’s show.) The fact that this is all being announced to the minute — very much like Hoteloween — suggests that there will be a ticket rush of Bieber-like proportions. How quickly will passes sell out? The Beat will be hitting refresh quite often! What’s the over/under on a one-day four-day pass sellout? Ticket prices have been raised slightly this year — a four-day pass is $105 and a one-day pass is $37. Last year they were $100 and $35, respectively.

Comics Interview archival reprint coming from CO2 Comics

Back in the days when comics media was on paper, there was the Comics Journal, the Comics Buyer’s Guide, and Comics Interview. Edited by David Anthony Kraft, in the magazine’s 150 issue run, just about anybody who was of note in the comics industry of the ’80s and early ’90s was interrogated. It’s a treasure trove of historical material long unavailable (unless you happen to be rooting through The Beat’s storage unit) but the revamped Comico is changing that with a POD reprint project that is available now for $34.95 — the whole project will run 11 books, and each volume will be offered in a regular and deluxe edition, as well as paperback and hardcover.

Exclusive: Jaime Hernandez STRANGE TALES V. 2 #2 preview

STRANGE TALES, the indie-does-Marvel anthology made a splash with its first issue, and thanks to our pals at Marvel, we’re happy to provide an EXCLUSIVE preview of the 2nd issue, on sale next week. This time, it’s cover artist Jaime Hernandez with Space Phantom and many mighty Marvel heroines limned as only Jaime can.

This weekend: The London MCM Expo

By Matthew Murray

This weekend the ExCel Centre in London will be taken over by the London MCM (Movies Comics Media) Expo. For three days the convention centre is playing host to probably the biggest comic related event in the UK, and there will be plenty of fans and guests on hand.

Comic book guests include Sean Phillips (Criminal, Incognito), Chris Claremont (Uncanny X-Men, X-Men Forever), Jamie McKelvie (Phonogram, Suburban Glamour), Antony Johnston (Wasteland, Daredevil), Paul Cornell (Captain Britain and the MI: 13, Action Comics), Jock (The Losers, Detective Comics), Kieron Gillen (Phonogram, Uncanny X-Men), Andy Diggle (The Losers, Daredevil), and a gaggle of other artists and writers less well known outside of the UK. They’ll be there selling their wares and participating in panels, or maybe just sitting in the pub. MCM is also the new home of the Eagle Awards, and those will be presented over the weekend.