RIP Mike Esposito

Silver Age inking manstay Mike Esposito has passed away at the age of 83, according to numerous online sources. Esposito was best known for his collaboration with penciller Ross Andru on Superman, Wonder Woman, Spider-Man and hundreds of other books.

It's Wonder Woman Day

In Portland, OR and Flemington, NJ.. Celebrate the season and please give to help stop domestic violence.

31 Days of Halloween: Dave Roman

Dave Roman is the writer of AGNES QUILL and TEEN BOAT, the manga X-Men, LAST AIRBENDER comics, the cartoonist behind ASTRONAUT ELEMENTARY and obviously a big Halloween fan. He’s swell.

Camera update

As you may recall, I lost my camera at this year’s SPX. Soon after, Jen Vaughn, bless her heart, started a fund raising drive to buy me a new camera, and — mostly I’m sure because of Jen’s enthusiasm — folks had donated about enough for a more than decent digital camera.