Frankfurter Buchmesse Comics Awards

While comics fans were celebrating comics and other delights at New York Comic Con, publishers and fans in Europe were congregating in Frankfurt, Germany, for the annual Frankfurter Buchmesse.  Held almost annually since Gutenberg invented movable type, this publishing trade show attracts some 286,000 visitors (both professional and public attendees), showcasing 7,000 exhibitors from 100 […]

More focus grouping: Ladies Comics Project, Part 2

Kelly Thompson has part 2 of her Ladies Comics Project up and we repeat THIS SHOULD BE MANDATORY READING for comics publishers and creators. The idea of giving comics-friendly but not necessarily conversant readers various comics is a bracing alternative to the endless nitpicking of constant readers who sleep on mattresses stuffed with shredded copies of DEATHMATE. For instance, 37-year-old event planner DeAnne was disappointed the cool pop art cover looked nothing like the insides:

NYCC: Disney Publishing announces digital plans

Kind of lost in the scrum at New York Comic Con, even Disney was getting in on the digital comics bandwagon. At the ICv2 Comics and Digital conference, Dario Di Zanni had some pretty confidant things to say about the future of ebooks. Disney has been doing Digital Books for a while — a subscription service for kids to read kids books on the web. With their growing comics publishing ventures — not to mention the team-up with Marvel — a close eye should be paid on what Disney is planning, and it sounds pretty ambitious:

Digital News: LongBox launches on ADAM; goes to v. 1.1

LongBox, the long brewing desktop app for purchasing digital comics, has just gone to version 1.1 and announced that it will be bundled with Norton Ink’s upcoming ADAM tablet, which features a Pixel Qi screen which enables it to be red in even bright sunlight. PR on the move below, but CEO Rantz Hoseley also stopped to chat with Bleeding Cool and reveal some of the reasons why a desktop store is still useful in a world filled with proprietary apps: