201010120350.jpgIn an excited post from the just-concluded Frankfurt Book Fair, NBM publisher Terry Nantier runs down a lot of news:

• A new David B book.

• Larger sizes for their continuing line of books from the Louvre. “Basically, we’re seeing we don’t need to be married to the 6×9 format as much as we were so we’re going to open things up!” Nantier wrote. “Also, we’re seeing a need for our books to reflect what we publish: beautiful quality comics you want to have physically and keep proudly in your library.”

• Because not everyone will have the money for these editions, NBM will be ramping up their ebook program.

• Papercutz has signed up to do new Garfield comics based on the upcoming Cartoon Network show. Jim Davis’s Garfield comic strip collections have been perennial sellers in bookstores, but he has never been a star of original comic books before. He has, however, been the subject of viral spin-offs from Lasagna Cat to Garfield Minus Garfield.


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