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The doodles of Neil Gaiman

The CBLDF board is having a meeting today. And Neil Gaiman has been doodling.

Not to worry …the doodles have been donated to the CBLDF to be auctioned off. A productive meeting indeed.

Napoleon Dynamite cartoon coming to Fox

Gosh! Via this probably-behind-a-firewall story from Variety, news that cult classic NAPOLEON DYNAMITE is turning toon for Fox:

NYCC: Other views, other voices

Wow, there was SO MUCH going on at New York Comic Con. Kevin Melrose has a great roundup of salient news points, and CBR had an insane number of panel reports. Newsarama has streaming video, and Comics Alliance has their own link roundup.

But if you can’t digest all that, here’s the Slimfast version, specially prepared just for you.

Editor Nathan Cosby leaving Marvel

Via Twitter, Marvel Associate Editor Nathan Cosby, who works out of the Mark Paniccia office on such books as the Shanower/Young Oz adaptations, Lockjaw and the Pet Avengers and Marvel Adventures Spider-Man is leaving to do other stuff. He tweeted:

Josh Neufeld, official US State Dept. comics ambassador

Sign o’ the times: Josh Neufeld was being sent around the world by the US State Dept. as am ambassador of free speech:

VIDEO: Banksy's Simpsons opening


NYCC 10: 3 1/2 days that changed the world

It’s been a long year of change in the comics industry, and New York Comic Con feels like the end point of an arduous but rewarding journey. We were just doing a search for blogs posts about the show and already found fairly fascinating two think pieces that show the ascendance of nerd culture as a boon — or a threat, depending on how you view it.

Video: The history of Oswald the Rabbit

How they developed the Epic Mickey game and why Oswald the Rabbit is so important.