DC and Marvel both drop prices

As reported by Laura Hudson, at today’s ICv2 conference, people were moaning about prices. :

The complaint of high prices was discussed as well, along with the statistics that the average cover price of a comic book in the second quarter of 2010 is now $3.53, up from $3.38 in 2009. “Overall, [fans] are paying more for the same type of content than they were two years ago,” said Griepp.

ICv2 conferees happily go digital

Moving forward with digital was the theme of today’s ICv2 Comics and Digital conference, which kicked off New York Comic Con with an afternoon of panels and idea sharing. And for those who are moving, they are doing so with zeal and purpose. As opposed to previous such industry gatherings, where digital was timidly referring to in veiled terms, left the Gods of Tradition strike the heretics dead, almost all of today’s speakers are living in a world where digital is already a part of their revenue stream. It made for a lively day of engaged attendees.

The Beat 1 Minute Guide to NYCC

Although it’s been a long, hard convention season, enthusiasm for the New York Comic-Con which kicks off tomorrow is running HIGH, especially among our European comics friends, who can’t afford San Diego prices any more, but find New York’s Fall Saver Fares just right. It’s hard to find a better time in New York than early October — crisp air, falling leaves, a certain “buzz” in the air….it’s a good time.

In case you are wondering what to do or where to go, we’ll direct you to the hard work that others have done.

NYCC 10: Soulcraft Comics #457

Inaki Miranda’s amazing work on TRIBES has gotten a lot of attention, and he’ll be at the show. details below. The creators of the widescreen sci-fi epic TRIBES: The Dog Years, both writer Michael Geszel and all the way from Spain, artist Inaki Miranda, will be signing at the IDW Booth #2115 Saturday 10/9 from […]