Where to find The Beat at New York Comic Con:

Today, we’re on this panel at the ICv2 Digital Conference at 3:

The Medium and the Message—Digital and Creativity
How will the digital medium affect how comics are created?

Friday 10/8, we’re on this professional hours panel:

The Evolution of Graphic Novel Publishing: What Publishers Need to Consider in Order to Grow the Market from Here
Date: Friday, October 8
Time: 12:30 pm – 1:30 pm
Location: Room 1A14
Speaker: TBA
Track: NYCC/NYAF Professionals
Description: What are the challenges facing the next stage of growth for graphic novels?  The industry has seen phenomenal growth over the past ten years but the landscape is rapidly changing.  What does the market place really look like and what do the publishers need to consider in order to create cohesive direction for the development of the category.

We’re paneling with Jill Faherty (Baker & Taylor), Jim Killen (Barnes & Noble), Amanda Emmert (ComicsPro), Rich Johnson (Author/Consultant), and John Hogan (GraphicNovelReporter.com)

Moderator: John Shableski (Diamond Book Distributors)

We’ll be at the whole show, in and out at the Publishers Weekly booth #534, where on Sunday we’ll be hosting the Publishers Weekly/Beat Writing Open House from 1:30 to 2:30

PW Comics Week and The Beat are looking for writers — if you’re interested in doing some comics journalism for either or both, stop by to talk to me or Calvin. Be ready to pitch some ideas!

Other than that, we’ll just be wandering around, getting to know the people. Please don’t be shy — say hi.