NYCC 10: Party poop: CBLDF/Image/Beat Bash 10/7

Kick off New York Comic Con in style with the Liberty bash, co-sponsored by the CBLDF, Image Comics and The Beat! It’s shaping up to be THE don’t miss social event of the show for reals. All are welcome but a $10 donation gets you a gift bag, and $30 gets you an OPEN BAR wristband! Details below:

NYCC: Team up with Maphook and The Beat to win prizes — UPDATED

While we haven’t been too wild about software that delivers an ongoing RSS feed of your movements, when we were approached to look at the new location based social networking platform Maphook, we were more intrigued. Instead of just telling the world where you are and what you are doing, users collaborate to create a “story” about an event using “hooks” — tweets, photos, posts, scores, Wikipedia entries, factoids and so on. It’s sort of localized social networking combined with journaling, which is why we like it. Instead of having to go all over the place and search for info, it’s archived in one spot.

Chris Ware covers The New Yorker

This week’s theme is “The Money Issue.”

Observers: Kodansha Comics has a big task ahead

Following yesterday’s announcement that the Del Rey Manga imprint was folding into a distribution arm for Kodansha Comics, a US branch of the Japanese publisher, American manga watchers were NOT jumping for joy. Chris Butcher came right out and said it:

Marvel's Dan Buckley looks at the hobby market

ICv2 continues its sit down with Marvel publisher Dan Buckley, who says many things, but also points out one of the great dichotomies of comics — everyone says they want done-in-one jumping on point comics — but when publishers put them out, the sales don’t pick up at all:

Diamond announces details of day-early delivery program

Via Diamond Daily, (registered users only, alas) details of Diamond’s day-early delivery plan which will see comics shipped to shops on Tuesday for Wednesday on sale. Key points:

U2 sings about Spider-Man

On tour in Portugal, U2 members cranked up Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me Boy Falls from the Sky, the first song from the Spider-Man musical to get play. Via Hero Complex

Nice Art: Francesco Francavilla's Silver Sable

Art blog Comic Twart is taking on Silver Sable, who actually had her own title that lasted a whole 35 issues back in the day.

31 days of Niffleheim: New THOR images

HeyUGuys scans in the new issue of Empire and gets some new images of Chris Hemsworth as Thor. He’s no Alexander Skarsgard, but we guess he’ll do.

The film has an innovative plot, as well, as Thor and his evil
brother Loki (played by Tom Hiddleston) must team up to defeat the sinister menace of The Boom Mike.

31 days of Halloween: Bobby Timony

Bobby Timony of Zuda’s Night Owls provides a nod to an imagined Laurel & Hardy’s horror comedy, LAUREL & HARDY: VAMPIRE HUNTERS. Click for a larger version.