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A lot of think pieces are beginning to come out about the DC upheaval — it’s beginning to be clear that the initial feelings of relief after the first press release were about as accurate as the “We dodged that one!” feelings right after Katrina passed through. As expected, Tom Spurgeon lays out Twelve Initial Questions I Have About DC’s Publishing Moves Announcements and it’s very thorough. Tom writes from the distinct perspective of someone who isn’t immersed in day-to-day DC Kremlinology and yet comes to many of the same conclusions.

80 DC employees to move or be laid off

When a company spokesman suggested that the LA Times story stating that 20 percent of DC’s 250 or 50 employees would be laid off, was incorrect, he was perhaps half right. Bloomberg News uncovered a NY State Dept. of Labor WARN filing (Worker Adjustment and Retraining) which says that 80 employees will be laid off or relocate. Layoffs will begin on 12/27/2010 and continue through 8/27/2011, according to filer June Martin, SVP Human Resources. A DC spokesman told Bloomberg:

Nice Art: Ivan Brunetti, Skottie Young

This Strange Tale II cover by Ivan Brunetti — revealed in Marvel’s December solicitations — has been justly lauded from coast to coast — just look at the expression on Dr. Strange’s face if you don’t believe us. But we also like this Ozma of Oz cover by Skottie Young. We’ve seen a lot of Oz art in our day, and this takes it in a whole new direction that genuinely exciting.

Chloe Moretz joins goth squad as Emily the Strange

Young Chloe Moretz is adding to her geek cred by starring as yet another cartoon character, Emily the Strange, Deadline reports. Originally created as a clothing line mascot by Rob Reger, Emily is a cat-loving goth girl (like there is any other kind) who had expanded into print and graphic novels. An Emily comic is published by Dark Horse, and DH head Mike Richardson will be one of the producers.


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