Want them all: Criterion’s ATP classic film flyers

A few days ago, we linked to Scott Morse’s sweet poster for the ATP film festival that’s being held this November, and suspected more cool old movie posters by cartoonists were forthcoming.

Well, just call us Salander, because earlier today, Morse retweeted a link from Criterion to a huge photo of the whole collection, which includes posters by (squinting hard) Kate Beaton, Scott Campbell, Connor Willumsen, Robert Goodin, Jason Latour, Francesco Francavilla and many more. We’re trying to get some images of the rest of the flyer, because they look amazing! The whole giant image is in the second link.

New Spidey Andrew Garfield was to the webbing born

There’s a new Spider-Man franchise underway and it stars young Brit actor Andrew Garfield as the webslinger. But who is this man and will he be able to fill the tights and heavy eyewear of Tobey Maguire and Nicholas Hammond before him?

Doing the rounds to promote his new film NEVER LET ME GO, he opened up for the first time about playing Peter Parker, and even if it’s just his press agent telling him what to say, as is so often the case these days, Garfield has sold it beautifully:

A tale of two comics shops

The comic shop profile is a staple of newspaper coverage of the comics industry and two recent store stories point to the past and the present of comics retailing pretty sharply.
From Miami, we have A&M Comics, voted the Best Comics Shop locally, and one of the oldest comics stores in the country — in the top three, says the piece. (We’re a little dubious about that — what say you, group mind?)

Welcome back, team America

Maybe it’s a little sad that summer is over, as dead leaves are already rattling in the gutters around Stately Beat Manor, but we always think of autumn as a time of socializing, renewal, and lowered electricity bills. There is much to celebrate! To kick things off, here’s a laugh from the inimitable Mitchell and Webb. Freddie and Daphne and their lesbian friend are okay to invite to the dinner party, but what about their pothead friend?