Live tweeting the Harveys

We’re at the Harvey Awards banquet with Ramona Fradon, Michael Golden, and many other stars. We’re live tweeting the winners at Please follow along.

Baltimore Comic-Con notes

In a world gone mad, there are still a few things you can count on, and comics at Baltimore Comic-Con is one of them.

We got in last night for our annual dinner at the Rusty Scupper, this time with a bunch of Brooklyn compadres — why do we have to drive four hours to see people who live a few miles away? Oh well, it’s Con World.

…and this is AWESOME: Read Comics in Public Day!!!

As we write, Read Comics in Public Day, celebrating the ninth art on The King’s birthday, is well underway. A Flickr pool has been set up and people around the world are participating, with meet-ups going on in Australia, London, New York, Boston, Alaska, San Diego, and beyond.

The brainchild of Brian Heater and Sarah Morean, the goal of the holiday is to publicly proclaim comics solidarity and post the results to the internet.

And don’t forget the one for Ladies!

…but this is okay…

Although the bus sped off before we could get a good picture, this ad for HSBC Bank had a pretty snappy blurb that went something like “Japanese adults buy more comic books than American children do” with a picture of a Sumo wrestler reading a manga.


Don’t let this happen to comics…

Apparently some politician in Baltimore is using kids reading comic books as the result of a lack of teachers and money for education. Perhaps she should be shown around the Baltimore Comic-Con to see what a fine, upstanding bunch of folks read comics. Thank god she never saw Yaoi.