In a world gone mad, there are still a few things you can count on, and comics at Baltimore Comic-Con is one of them.

We got in last night for our annual dinner at the Rusty Scupper, this time with a bunch of Brooklyn compadres — why do we have to drive four hours to see people who live a few miles away? Oh well, it’s Con World.

One big note for this year’s show — a new headquarters hotel, the Hyatt Regency, as opposed to the Marriott. Show owner Marc Nathan explained that last year the Hyatt was their overrun hotel and it turned out that some of the execs at the hotel are big comics fans, and made a pitch to get the HQ hotel.

The new hotel seems adequate in all regards. And everyone proclaimed the first night of Bar Con a success (except for the early last call, of course) — it has space but an intimate feel and looks to be a good hangout.

One big topic of conversation — ongoing recovery from this year’s San Diego. One prominent comics figure confessed that she had literally no memory of the show from Tuesday night aside from scattered glimpses of headaches and faces, kind of like a Christopher Nolan movie. Another confessed to having had to take two vacations since San Diego. Maybe we’re just old, folks.

Also, congrats to Marc Nathan and wife Shelley, who just became parents for the first time 10 days before the show — little Reese made his debut at the bar Friday night and even in a world where all babies are cute, he is very, very cute.

More from the Harveys later!


  1. So…basically nothing to report on the actual comic convention. Sigh. Is this going to be like San Diego where the coverage basically consists of feigned indignation about Helen Mirrens T-Shirt and dry bagels? Just curious

  2. There is no excuse for a bad bagel* and any instances of such should be called out immediately.


    * “we’re in California” is an explanation, not an excuse!

  3. We met Sergio and David Mack,so we’re pretty happy. Sincere (my bri and I) know b-more, we’re at much better surroundings. Wish you were here in the real Baltimore!!!

  4. Argh! Wish I was @ B-more this weekend. My partner JML is down in Artist’s Alley, but the combo of Dragon*Con next weekend & packing for a mid-Sept. interstate move has kept me homebound.

    Visit Fell’s Point, Baltimore congoers – that’s where the good eats/bars are..& congratulate Dean Haspiel on his Emmy.

  5. John, other than the Harveys, I’m not sure that there is a lot of news to report coming out of Baltimore Comic-Con.

    Of the big five publishers, only Image and IDW had an official presence on the floor. I think most publishers were putting their energies into Fan Expo Canada this weekend.

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