Adhouse brings THB #2 to Baltimore

One more Baltimore link before we hit the road — AdHouse (#1904) will make Paul Pope fans happy by bringing the limited edition THB #2 to the show. Continuing the epic THB tale, Comic from Mars #2 is/was a Baltimore Comic*Con Exclusive. The comic contains 6.5 stories that take you further into the world of […]

Official US TAMARA DREWE trailer debuts

Forget about THE LOSERS or IRON MAN 2 or SCOTT PILGRIM or any other 2010 comics movie, TAMARA DREWE is the comic book movie event of the year — at least for indie comics snobs. Based on Posy Simmonds’ much-admired graphic novel, the film debuts in the US on October 8th, courtesy of Sony Classics in the US. (It opens in September 10th in Simmonds’ native UK.)

To do: Fan Expo Canada

By all accounts one of North America’s biggest fan events — along with San Diego, WonderCon and NYCC — the Fan Expo Canada in Toronto has kicked off as we speak. With five separate events under one roof — for comics, horror, sci-fi, gaming, and anime — The Expo draws a huge presence from major publishers, including full presentations from Marvel and DC. While there’s a huge media guest presence — cast members of TRON, BSG, and so on — the comics section remains healthy — quick fact sheet here — with an artists alley, a small press section, and so on.

Baltimore Comic-Con this weekend

We’ve said it a zillion times, but we’ll say it again, with the picturesque setting, great seafood, and top-notch lineup of comics creators, this is a totally relaxing and informative way to spend the weekend.

The Beat will be walking around, listening to all who would speak, and giving a piece of her mind to all who would listen. Please stop and say hi! It’s been a long year of travel, but Baltimore remains one of our favorite stops.

SPX announces programming

The entire programming list for SPX is up now, curated by Bill Kartalopoulos and reproduced below. It’s the usual outstanding mix with spotlights on R. Sikoryak, James Sturm, and Jaime Hernandez, and much more. SPX will be held Saturday, September 11 from 11 AM to 7 PM and Sunday, September 12, noon-6 PM at The North Bethesda Marriott Convention Center in Bethesda, Maryland. Admission is $10 for a single day and $15 for both days. Please note: We’re moderating two panels, one a spotlight on the late Harvey Pekar and another on the creative storytelling process.