The Baltimore Comic-Con, one of the Northeast’s biggest and best pure comics shows, kicks off tomorrow. Guests, programming and Facebook page are all in the links.

Quick links to some attendees:

DC Comics
The Hero Initiative, which will be presenting the new Dick Giordano Humanitarian Award at the Harveys on Saturday
BOOM! Studios

…and doubtless many more. We’ve said it a zillion times, but we’ll say it again, with the picturesque setting, great seafood, and top-notch lineup of comics creators, this is a totally relaxing and informative way to spend the weekend.

The Beat will be walking around, listening to all who would speak, and giving a piece of her mind to all who would listen. Please stop and say hi! It’s been a long year of travel, but Baltimore remains one of our favorite stops.


  1. I had a great time at Baltimore last year and am really looking forward to going back. Plus, after Chicago, it’ll be nice to go to a comics show with, you know, comics.

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