Gareb Shamus on Wizard convention plan

Shamus has a lot of answers for everything, but doesn’t even seem to be saying that comics are a focus of the Wizard shows any more: “When you look at how comicbooks or the characters pervaded the media, they’ve become celebrities themselves. … So when you look at people, and how they’ve come to know Spider-Man, or Batman, or Star Wars, ten years ago, fifteen years ago, twenty years ago, they may have only known Spider-Man through a comicbook or maybe an animated show or something like that. … They are going on their own way, creating a large national chain of comic conventions that’s servicing a local population that can’t make it to the bigger shows – but also injecting them with stars of stage and screen to bring in a new audience. … It took the MCM London Expos to knock that out of me, and I’m starting to realise that my expectations and experiences are not shared by the vast majority of the population and that an increased numbers of Wizard World style conventions will increase the acceptability and appeal of comics to a population, even if that population is only on hand to see Xander and Spike. … I’d argue that the focus on celebrities past and present at Wizard/Creation shows is not driving attention to the comics publishers who do exhibit at these shows, so without some kind of support — even Shamus says that the reason there was such minimal comics programming is because attendees weren’t interested in it — it might not be a cost effective marketing push.

Thor gets DOUBLE RAINBOW — oh my Norse god!

Two sold-out issues of THOR by the awesome Roger Langridge are being combined into a portmanteau, dubbed a “Double Rainbow.” The cover by Chris Samnee is sadly devoid of an actual double rainbow, however, so we can’t start whooping and hollering at it. Marvel is pleased to announce that both Thor: The Mighty Avenger #1 […]

Dean Haspiel, Emmy winner

They said it couldn’t be done but at Saturday’s Creative Arts Emmys, Dean Haspiel was a winner in the Main Title Design category for Bored to Death, along with collaborators Tom Barham, Marci Ichimura, and Anthony Santoro. Haspiel is shown here with series creator Jonathan Ames and their Emmy.

Other nerdcentric winners were Neil Patrick Harris for Glee, Robot Chicken for Outstanding Short-format Animated Program and Isaiah Mustafa for the best Commercial, The Man Your Man Could Smell Like. And of course, Betty White.