Renee French to guest at APE

…aaaaand as the fall convention season rolls out, we’re now getting APE announcements as well. Renee French has just been announced as a guest. PR below: What happens when a graphic novel creator struggles with migraine headaches and an Argentine ant infestation? For writer and artist Renée French (The Soap Lady), the answer was simple: […]

Wizard World welcomes Rod Blagojevich!

You cannot say that indicted former Illinois governor Rod Bagojevich is not a smart and pragmatic man.

Although recently convicted on a single count of federal corruption, Blago, as he is known to fans, had a mistrial on 23 others, so he’s still out and about. And what does a pol do while out on bail to feed the family?

He takes it to the people, and makes a little spending money by signing autographs at Wizard World Chicago/Chicago Comic-Con. Blago is well aware that cashing in on celebrity is the best follow up to a political fall, and while thwarted in his attempt to appear on ‘m a Celebrity… Get Me out of Here!, has been a contestant on The Apprentice. So he’s gone where all reality stars go.

Who wants to publish Brendan McCarthy?

Insanely stylish Brendan McCarthy has a new project called FUBAR that he is shopping around. Would YOU like to be the lucky publisher? Email him. McCarthy is known for things like CRISIS and REBELLION, Shade the Changing Man (recently reissued in trades), SKIN, designing REBOOT and other coolish things.

Con news: NYAF music schedule announced

(Above: Boom Boom Satellites) Boom Boom Satellites, Zazen Boys, Echostream and Puffy AmiYumi will be performing at the Far East To East Showcase (FETES) during the New York Anime Festival, it was announced today. The show takes place on Sunday, October 10, 2010 at Irving Plaza. Tickets are $22 each. FETES is produced by Superglorious, […]

Angel joins pals back at Dark Horse

In recent years there has been great sadness in the Buffyverse — and some hurt feelings among two of the biggest comics publishers — that somehow the licenses for all the various Buffy spin-offs has been sundered from the main book. Angel and Spike have been most recently published by IDW, while the main Buffy saga has been continuing under Joss Whedon at Dark Horse to great acclaim and sales. But in the Riley one-shot released today, editor Scott Allie hinted that Angel would be coming back to the Horse, something every news-site picked up on. But evidently that was not how it was meant to be played out. Dark Horse has released a statement confirming that in 2011, Angel is coming back:

Chicago Comic-Con preview night report:

Todd Allen was at the WWC/CCC on Preview Night to promote his collected Murder Professor and sent us along some observations. The opinions expressed below are Todd’s own and do not necessarily reflect our own.

shamus_by_thompson.jpgBTW Maggie Thompson also attended Day 0 — her thoughts can be found here. Also, we TOTALLY STOLE HER PHOTO OF GAREB SHAMUS, owner of Wizard and their convention arm. Sorry, Maggie.