To Do Tomorrow: Fred Van Lente at Governor’s Island

Just off the southern tip of Manhattan lies Governor’s Island, formerly an Army and Coast Guard base.  Decommissioned in 1996, it was sold to the City of New York for $1, with the only restrictions being no permanent housing or casinos.  Since 2003, the city has opened it to visitors during the summer, and plans […]

Tony Scott to direct NEMESIS for Fox

You could learn a lot from Mark Millar. Seriously. Not content to let his movie option deal announcement go live and get covered everywhere, he got a full three days of publicity out of it! And made such a big deal of it that Bleeding Cool literally wouldn’t sleep until they scooped Deadline on the news — which everyone we talked to seems to have known for days. So a big deal becomes a Bigger Deal. That is how you market it, Mark Millar, and we salute you.