Trying to get the Beat’s RSS feed?

I have had numerous reports recently that my RSS feed isn’t working. This is due to improperly setting up Feedburner, as far as I can figure. I want back to default so you should be able to subscribe using If you are still having problems, please post in the comments and we’ll investigate. In […]

CAPS auction to benefit Heath and Reese

On August 25th CAPS, The Comic Art Professional Society is hosting a benefit auction on August 25 in Burbank to support veteran comics artists Russ Heath and Ralph Reese, and they are looking for donations: Fifty percent of the proceeds from these auctions will go to CAPS, but the remaining 50% will go to Heath […]

Marvel Month-to-Month Sales: June 2010

by Paul O’Brien It’s a month of relaunches and new titles, as the “Heroic Age” branding continues. June saw the relaunch of NEW AVENGERS, and debut issues of AVENGERS PRIME, AVENGERS ACADEMY, HAWKEYE & MOCKINGBIRD and YOUNG ALLIES. Elsewhere, the X-books continue the “Second Coming” crossover, Spider-Man begins the long-trailed “Grim Hunt” story, and the […]

Anatomy of a press release: Disney acquires Radical’s OBLIVION

The road to comic book Valhalla is lined with companies that have tried to do “celebrity comics” as a means of switching to the fast lane of movie money and licensing gold. Tekno, Virgin, CrossGen. There is hardly a company that does not have some kind of celebrity “vanity project” comic out there made mostly to show to producers as a bible for a film. And all of this is despite the fact that not a single movie has yet been made from a comic book that was published just to be turned into a movie.

COWBOYS & ALIENS, which is certainly an A-list project with Jon Favreau, Daniel Craig, and Harrison Ford aboard is set to be the first comic of its genre to ever actually get turned into a big movie. But this is the first time it has ever happened and it took 10 years. And despite this, there are still no other Platinum, Tokyopop, Radical, or Liquid movies. No one can go to Netflix and order the MAYHEM movie or OCD movie or GAMEKEEPER movie.

Faster, stronger WIZZYWIG launches

Ed Piskor has posted the first chapter of WIZZYWIG up at his site. This riveting fictionalized story of computer hacking and underground culture has been revamped and improved. It’s available in both PDF and CBR formats at the link but we’ve taken the liberty of excerpting the first three pages to give you a taste. Larger versions available in the link.