On August 25th CAPS, The Comic Art Professional Society is hosting a benefit auction on August 25 in Burbank to support veteran comics artists Russ Heath and Ralph Reese, and they are looking for donations:

Fifty percent of the proceeds from these auctions will go to CAPS, but the remaining 50% will go to Heath and Reese directly. Heath is undergoing surgery in a few months and needs assistance in covering those costs, and Reese is dealing with eye problems and disabilities due to a back injury. Both artists are living on fixed incomes, and any money they receive to offset these additional expenses will be a huge help.

Contributors to this benefit auction include Jack Davis, Ernie Chan, Al Jaffee, Nick Park, Jeff Smith, Doug Sneyd, Dan Spiegle, William Stout, Mick Gray, Angelo Torres, Stan Lee, Dean Yeagle, Sergio Aragones and Russ Heath himself.

If you’ve got artwork that you’d like to donate, please contact CAPS President Pat McGreal at patmcgreal at aol dot com He’s hoping to receive pieces (or hi-res images, at least) by Monday, August 9, for inclusion in the official auction catalog, so please let him know right away if you’re interested in participating.

Thanks very much for your consideration. Whether or not you’re able to contribute artwork for the auction, please help spread the word. The more high-rollers who know about the auction, the more funds will be raised for these two talented and deserving artists.

Anyone who is a student of comics history needs no introduction to the work of Heath and Reese. As the freelancer population ages, even with Medicare, it is obvious that health care and other retirement costs for our founding fathers and mothers is becoming a group activity. And it’s one we need to pitch in on.