Happy 10th Anniversary, Narbonic

Happy anniversary, Shaenon T. Garrity! It was July 31, 2000 that she launched Narbonic, one of the first prominent webcomics by a woman. Since then she’s launched several other webcomics, including Skin Horse, won the Lulu of the Year award, worked as an editor and creator in both traditional comics and manga, and become one of the liveliest, most insightful comics commentators on the web. She’s a treasure, that’s what.

Judge rules McFarlane must pay Gaiman for derivative characters

Judge Barbara Crabb has made a decision following the June court appearance by Neil Gaiman and Todd McFarlane over profits for the characters Dark Ages Spawn, Tiffany and Domina. Gaiman held that these cast-members of the Spawn-i-verse were derivative of Medieval Spawn and Angela (characters that he co-owns, as ruled after the epic 2002 court battle), thus he was entitled to half the profits from these characters. McFarlane held the opposite and had refused to provide information on the profits.

Judge Crabb sided with Gaiman, citing the similarity of the characters in a decision (readable here) which shows she spent a lot of time reading up on Spawn: