SD10: The Piracy panel

by special correspondent Bruce Lidl Techland Presents: Comics and Digital Piracy A “hastily thrown together” panel on the last day of the Con made for some lively discussion about the realities and moralities of pirated comics. Moderator Douglas Wolk from, a long time music critic, is concerned that the comics industry will fall into […]

Some thoughts on “Hell Hall”

Many years ago (2007?), Heidi described the new “normal” in Hall H.  Reading her reportage, I pictured a United Nations refugee camp, people packed into the space, tarps and tents laid out at the back of the hall. Perhaps it is not that dire, but it seems to get worse each year.  Last year, ire […]

There are many here among us

Once again, I’m on Watchtower duty here at Stately Beat Manor on Friday night.  A tremendous thunderstorm rages around me, and I wonder, “Is this turret grounded?” Heidi continues to report from the front lines, embedded with the various tribes attending Comic-Con International: San Diego. It’s Raining On Prom Night Entertainment Tonight reports that Jerry […]

Some thoughts on the Eisner Awards

(National Cartoonist Society, Reuben Dinner, 1969) Earlier, Heidi lamented that the Eisner Awards were not given more notice by the general public. But there are ways. Why aren’t the Eisners a bigger deal? EVERYONE, it seems, has planned their party opposite the Eisners, and it’s understandable when the ceremony has evolved into such a chore […]

SD10: Big Two Saturday


At the Saturday Cup o’ Joe panel, Marvel teased fans with the hint that they would be doing something to do with Crossgen in 2011. After Crossgen entered bankruptcy, Disney bought up its creative properties. Now that Disney owns and operates Marvel Comics, it is seems natural for them to take advantage of the fact.

SD10: Indie Comics Saturday

Dark Horse

Given that pretty much all of the Spartans died at the Battle of Thermopylae – which was sort of the point – people have been speculating for years about how Frank Miller would wring a sequel out of his hit Dark Horse graphic novel and movie 300. Today, at Comic-Con, the answer came out. The sequel, XERXES, will actually take place at exactly the same time on another battlefield of the same war.