Live Blogging the 2010 Eisner Awards

We’re back! And we have had no dinner and nothing to eat, so this may be very, very rocky. The evening gala starts with the introduction of host Bill Morrison, who lets on that “Somewhere there is a very small area that sells comics; look for it, search it out, and find some of the […]

SD10: Friday — The Big Two


For those who love GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY (and who doesn’t), Rocket Raccoon and Groot are getting their own four-issue miniseries this January entitled (wait for it)… ROCKET RACCOON & GROOT.

Day 1 notes: Hobbits vs healthers

• From what we’ve seen, this year’s show is running very, very smoothly. The improved security has led to a slightly more mellow mood, or at least not increased the misery factor. This year’s crowd, from the bit we’ve seen of it, seems to be composed mostly of professional freebie scoopers, sometimes whole families of […]

SD10: Digital comics now!

by special Beat correspondent Bruce Lidl Late Thursday afternoon, as Comic-Con began to really hit its stride, as the shift from panel and show floor to party mode started to occur, the second annual “Digital Comics Now!” panel, hosted by Chip Mosher of BOOM! Studios got underway.  In some ways the panel is a barometer […]

SD10: Dark Horse Presents returns! And more

Dark Horse’s much beloved anthology DARK HORSE PRESENTS returns in a brand new print incarnation in March 2011 with all new work from Carla Speed McNeil, Harlan Ellison, Howard Chaykin, and Mike Mignola, among others.

Axe Cop, the off the wall webcomic about an axe-wielding cop, written by five year old Malachai Nicolle and illustrated by his adult brother Ethan Nicolle, is coming to Dark Horse in a collected edition this December. It will be followed by a three-part full-color miniseries in the spring of 2011.

Del Rey update

In the recent manga cutbacks, one company has remained conspicuous by their silence — Del Rey’s manga line, mostly licensed from Kodansha, has been quietly downsizing for months, with fewer and fewer titles coming out, and an increased emphasis on their home-made manga-like books, such as their Avatar graphic novels. In addition, it is confirmed […]

Cosplayers make fun of Westboro Baptist Church bigots

The biggest sociological story here at SDCC10 on Thursday was definitely the Cosplay counter protest against Westboro Baptist Church’s protest. The cosplayers outnumbered the con protesters — who had come for the health care conference goings-on at the Hyatt, and beat the bigots at their own game. Viva la fandom! Comics Alliance has all the […]

SD10: Thursday, a day crowded with incident

And now, the news…

Comics to Screen

Joss Whedon has officially confirmed he will direct THE AVENGERS. There is now, officially, a chance in hell it will pass the Bechdel test.