Kibbles ‘n’ Bits — 6/28/10

Casue and effect, interviews with Bryan Lee O’Malley, Ian Boothby and Connos Willumsen, and the shocking truth about Hall H.

World Cup comics Knockout Round links

Well, it was a rough weekend. But we can take a little solace in enjoying the great Lorenzo Mattoti’s soccer comic. Alè Tran Tran, which came out in the early ’80s. (Via The Ephemerist.) More here. • Warren Ellis’s Twitter commentary has been the best: * See mighty England greet the German squad. See mighty […]

DR WHO: “a pile of good things and bad things”

This afternoon marks the end of season 31 of DOCTOR WHO, or season 1 of the Eleventh Doctor (Matt Smith) if you are watching it on the BBC. Bookmark this column for a few weeks if you are watching on BBC America or elsewhere around the world. No spoilers (sweetie) for tonight’s finale, but potential […]

Mashup for the day

We’re sure this has been around forever, but we just saw it at ArtPatient.

Must all artists be businesspeople?

[Note from The Beat: Ah, just found the perfect illo for this post, from Drew Weing’s marvelous Set to Sea, now out in hardcover from FBI! Highly recommended!] It all started when Johanna explained Why I Won’t Be Giving to Kickstarter Projects, citing the belief that creators should have a business plan other than asking […]

News and notes from retail and publishing

A round up of other news from the week, and some follow up on other stuff….The big, big news is that the Hasting retail entertainment chain will be going into comics in a big way, bother graphic novels, which tyhey already carry, and now periodicals, including back issues. 147 Hastings stores — mostly in the midwest, sun belt and Texas, will start up direct marketing accounts. The move follows the success of two test stores:

PREVIEW: Fluorescent Black by Nathan Fox and M.F. Wilson

What’s this? A new graphic novel illustrated by the amazing Nathan Fox and written by M.F. Wilson?

Why yes! OR at least a collection of “Fluorescent Black,”, their story that has been running in HEAVY METAL for the last three years. Fox writes “We are really proud of how it turned out and it features a TON of new content including guest pinups, additional narrative pages and more.”

Todd Klein studies the HULK logo

Letterer supreme Todd Klein presents another one of his logo studies, this time looking at the HULK logo through time from Herb Trimpe’s previously unknown contribution through the modern “exploded logos” worthy of Zaha Hadid.

San Diego admits Comic-Con brings in OODLES AND OODLES of money

Suck it, gastroentologists! Comic-Con does SO make lots of money for the city of San Diego! At long last an in-depth survey has shown what most long suspected: the San Diego Comic-Con is a cash cow for the local economy.

While the con’s own internal estimates have the economic impact of the 130,000+ fans who attend Comic-Con every year at more than $50 million, official estimates by the local convention bureau had the show’s fiscal impact much lower — $32 million in 2008. However, an actual survey of con attendees in 2008 has revealed the stunning truth: the con brings in $163 million a year, QUADRUPLE what was thought.

Jillian Tamaki’s Archie

The artist of “Skim” doodles Riverdale-style.:

Listen to John K

John K’s blog is always entertaining, which is why we periodically dip in. In this post he explains some cartoonist warm-up exercises: “I strongly recommend to every growing cartoonist to do warm up exercises every day. Athletes warm up before stressing their stiff joints, musicians practice their scales every day before jumping right into their performances and I think cartoonists can benefit from limbering up their pencils and brains before they attack their work. I should follow this advice and I did this morning.”


RED trailer debuts

RED is yet another comic book movie coming out this summer, albeit one whose comics connections are a little less clear due to the vast changes from the original, a three issue mini- by Warren Ellis and Cully Hamner. The film stars Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman, John Malkovich and Helen Mirren as aging CIA operatives who have to get together one! more! time! to clear their names. As expected, the trailer proves that the proof-of-concept of “Helen Mirren, Action Star” is just as awesome as you thought it would be Or, as Warren Ellis wrote of the film:.

Helen Mirren with a sniper rifle. I mean, if you don’t want to see a film with Helen Mirren with a sniper rifle, I’m not sure I want to know you.

DC digital fallout: Royalty war

Lots of reaction and ripples from yesterday’s announcement that DC was at long last joining the digital world with their DC Comics apps for iPad, iPhone and PSP. One of the more amusing developments came from the news that DC was definitely including creator royalties for digital sales, as announced in a widely leaked memo […]

Torpedo Comics in fire sale

Hit records and stellar nerdlebirty status aren’t always enough to steer a retail ship through the shoals of hard business realities. System of a Down’s drummer John Dolmayan apparently learned that the hard way, as this sale for Torpedo Comics shows. The online retailers inventory and even domain name are being auctioned off to pay creditors.

Ward Sutton’s Bat Porn

Cartoonist Ward Suttonlooks at the recent Batman XXX movie via the healing medium of funny drawings.