Graphic Novels Challenge shows newer readers in their native habitat

We’ve mentioned book bloggers a few times lately, and contrasted their peaceful, herbivore ways with the violent, predatory jungle of comics blogging. Now here’s a VERY direct comparison — and also some interesting market research type stuff — via the Graphic Novels Challenge. This is a blogging program in which book bloggers try to read a bunch of graphic novels in a given period — one of a series of similar challenge for memoirs, history books or whatever. Most of the bloggers are not trained-from-birth comics experts and heir comments are illuminating. The list is also high on “litereary” and young adult comics — not very much Marvel or DC. They also check books to read out of the library, so they are not “Wednesday” Crowd” much.

Tokyopop teams with Zinio for digital

Another digital comics deal, as Toykopop has signed with digital newsstand Zinio to sell a selection of their GNs. The line-up includes mostly OEL, such as Earthlight, The Dreaming and Van Von Hunter, and manhwa — The Tarot Cafe — although a few manga titles will be available soon. Books will sell for $5.99, cheaper than the print version but more than a comic book.

Zinio is a virtual newsstand which sells proprietary downloads for Macs and PCs. According to Caleb Goellner, they use flash, which might be problematic for Apple devices.

Loeb named EVP, Marvel Television Division

TV and comics veteran Jeph Loeb has been named to a new position within Marvel, according to a press release, below. As Executive Vice President, Head of Television, Loeb will work on bringing Marvel’s characters to television and oversee both development and distribution of their series efforts, both animated and live-action. He will report to Marvel Publisher Dan Buckley.

World Cup comics Knockout Round links

Well, it was a rough weekend. But we can take a little solace in enjoying the great Lorenzo Mattoti’s soccer comic. Alè Tran Tran, which came out in the early ’80s. (Via The Ephemerist.) More here. • Warren Ellis’s Twitter commentary has been the best: * See mighty England greet the German squad. See mighty […]