Complaints, complaints

If you follow our twitter feed, you may have gathered that The Beatwas once again on the road last week, and the week before, and before that it was moving, and a holiday and before that BEA and before that…oh I don’t know what it was but it was something. It’s been even crazier than usual, and we’re definitely been shirking our blogging duty. Along the way we’ve been storing up all these hot news stories to add our own snark dignified commentary to, but we never had the time to build up a full head of steam. And based on the longer-than-anticipated lifespan of some of these “controversies,” they deserved a full measure of well thought out snark dignified commentary, and not something half tossed off while I was babysitting or eating a piece of chicken or whatever.

Which is a roundabout way of saying, yeah, this is all belated, but at least I’m not holding a chicken bone. As some kind of lagniappe, I will scatter a bit of my own reportage of things i saw/heard with my OWN EYES AND EARS over the last little while. Enjoy.

Buenaventura Press closure reactions

Sean T Collins rounded up reactions from creators and fellow publishers on the closure of Buenaventura Press, and it’s all sad, sad sad. WE’ve heard bits and pieces of the story behind the story, and that’s all sad too. Some of it can be pieced together with some googling, but we’ll respect Alvin’s wishes for privacy at this time and just reiterate out hope that he can continue to find a way to contribute to this golden age of comics art.