Today we are giving away a cult comics classic which was published in 1987 but still speaks to today’s issues. Before there was Wesley Gibson or Dave Lisewski or Flex Mentallo there was…Eddy Current, the story of an inmate at a mental asylum who finds himself melded with the “Dynamic Fusion Suit” he ordered from an comic book ad and escapes to save the world.

BEA Day 2

As mentioned previously, we were at BookExpo America all day Wednesday, and will be there all day Thursday. The show is much smaller than in recent years — the children’s book section which once took up the entire bottom part of the Javits is now just a corner of the main floor. The Diamond alley of comics publishers seems smaller this year, as well, although Dark Horse, Image, Dynamite, IDW and Marvel are all set up, along with a few others.

By contrast, Fantagraphics was set up in the Norton Booth right at the front of the hall and was practically the first thing you saw as you walked in. They are giving away galleys of Moto Hagio’s HERE COMES THE SON and Joyce Farmer’s SPECIAL EXITS, which we have and have flipped through, but haven’t had time to read yet. Something to look forward to in life, thank God! Fanta assoc. publisher Eric Reynolds explained that he felt that this year it was more effective to pay for more galleys to give away than to have an author appearance, and given the alacrity with which people roaming the floor scoop up those galleys, it might be a good idea.

BEAT MAY GIVEAWAY FRENZY #6: Cat Eyed Boy Volume 1

Do you like the Twilight Zone? Do you enjoy horror movies? Do you like mischievous half-human observers who set off events of mutilation, transformation and dismemberment? Then you will like today’s giveaway, CAT-EYED BOY Volume 1 by Japanese Horror master Kazuo Umezu. OF this volume AICN wrote: The manga offers an inclusive look at oddities […]

Briefs & Boxers! 05/26/10

o “I’ve Never Sent a Prose Reader to Amazon Because Amazon Doesn’t Leer; I’d Like to Stop Doing It in Comics” Comics reporter Tom Spurgeon poses three rarely discussed questions on comics as a culture and industry. The questions concern the moral aspects of archival reprints, the general and specific unfriendliness of comics specialty stores […]