Anatomy of a panty shot

Dear lord, what is coming out of this woman’s vajayjay? People, dogs, monster claws, golden light, frayed denim. This one has it all. The cover to Image’s new NANCY IN HELL miniseries by Juan Jose Ryp and El Torres is either a subtle homage to such cameltoe classics as Ryan Kinnaird’s X-Men: Phoenix – Legacy […]

Dynamite acquires Chaos Comics library

It’s the 90s and the “Bad Girl” era of comics all over again, as Dynamite announces they have acquired the Chaos Comics library which in cluded such titles as Evil Ernie, Chastity, Purgatory, and so on. Lady Death, the best known character from Chaos, was not included in the deal.

Chaos flourished in the 90s under publisher/chief creator Brian Pulido. Various characters from their library have been controlled in recent years by Tales of Wonder, Crossgen, Devil’s Due and Avatar.

News and notes: Annie, Forney, Marvel-Disney

• Today’s must read: Michael Cavna interviews Steve Tippie, Tribune Media’s VP of licensing on the end of Little Orphan Annie, the comic strip: MICHAEL CAVNA: “Little Orphan Annie” was said to be down to about 20 newspapers. Was 20 clients too few to make the strip cost-effective to syndicate? STEVE TIPPIE: Each [strip] is […]