CMX shuts down

Manga’s very bad month continues as it was revealed today that DC is shutting down its manga line, CMX. Rather than make any official announcement, DC released a statement to people who asked about the closure: Over the course of the last six years, CMX has brought a diverse list of titles to America and […]

NBC wants you to wear The Cape

While Heroes is floating into that great TVLand in the broadcast spectrum — and become the target of a lawsuit by Jazan Wild over who thought of a carnival first — NBC is not abandoning the world of superheroes, as we reported yesterday. In keeping up with the times, they are swapping out a complicated, sci-fi tinged multi-character soap opera in the Lost manner, with a single character drama about a dad who wants to make things right. The synopsis sounds pretty lame:

Con wars: Shamus retreats, moves Big Apple

Are the Con Wars East over, or at least moving into a new, less militarized phase? The Beatand his Wizard army has announced a MAJOR pullback from hostilities, moving the 2010 Big Apple Con, which has been scheduled directly opposite and 20 blocks north of the New York Comic-con on October 7-10, to October 1-3, a week earlier.

The merry month of meta

We’re back from our little working vacation, but sadly, we’re more tired than ever! How does that happen? The Beat feels relaxed for about five seconds upon returning home, but then. the stress of catching up on everything we missed erases all progress. Plus, there is so much to see. Within five minutes of alighting at Penn Station we had already seen TWO men wearing eye bandages!