Con Report Part 2: Chicago is Hotel-mas!

For several years the ordeal known as Hoteloween has been one of the the signature terrors of attending the San Diego Comic-Con — namely, the frustration of trying to get a decent room while competing against 50,000 other people trying to get online at the exact same time as you. Good hotel rooms are secreted […]

Con Report Part 1: Wizard to double number of shows?

The Wizard Toronto Comic-Con must have been a blazing success, because as this widely circulated pull quote indicates, Wizard con organizer Gareb Shamus is planning to ramp up his show schedule even more: …Gareb Shamus, the CEO of Wizard, said Monday that the reach and duration of the 12-city schedule is alluring to publishers, studios […]

Send us your MoCCA debuts!

The show season rolls on this weekend with the MoCCA Festival here in scenic New York. Although it”s a hot summer day in the 80s today, it’s expected to be in the 50s by the weekend, so sweat looks to be at a minimum. Send us your news and debuts at comicsbeat at gmail dot […]

Hope Larson & Raina Telgemeier

This weekend before MoCCA will be the second Drink & Draw Like a Lady, hosted by Hope Larson & Raina Telgemeier. Both ladies also have new YA graphic novels out this spring, creating a synergy that demanded an interview this week! What are your new books about? HL: Mercury is the story of two girls […]

These aren't your dad's horny Manara X-women

CBR has a piece on “X-Women”, the X-comic written by Chris Claremont and drawn by Italian eroto-comics master Milo Manara. For his part though, Claremont had more to focus on than the female figures at hand – namely building a world and characters that were of a piece with the X-Men yet still fitting for […]

James Sturm on the seductive lure of internet attention disorder

Over at Slate, cartoonist James Sturm quits the internet due to the ADD that all of us feel. If quitting the net means he can draw more cute cartoons like those accompanying the article and more outstanding graphic novels like MARKET DAY, we’re all for it. But essential online communication has given way to hours […]

Big Bang cast lives out secret feminine wishes

EW reports that next week’s episode of The Big Bang Theory will feature the cast dressing up as superheroines, something which has made the internet improbably excited.

Lost: "Happily Ever After"

Well, not at all what most of us expected, I would hazard a guess to say. Let’s discuss after the break, shall we.

Kibbles 'n' Bits 4/7/10

§ Johanna Draper Carlson annoints a new Era of comics: I predict that in the future this comic era will be known as the West Coast Era of comics. (Maybe I should better say I nominate this nomenclature for future scholars to understand what drove the comic industry in this era.) For these reasons. § […]