Zuda leaves competition in the dust

Friday afternoon news dump as Zuda Comics, DC’s webcomic imprint, makes it official that they are leaving their competition format behind. VP of Creative Services, Ron Perazza, who has spearheaded the imprint since its inception three years ago, blogs that the competition system — in which several web strips vie each month for the majority […]

Art Attack: Kris Mukai

Let’s end the week on a big UP note with the art of Kris Mukai, whose work we first spotted in this Comics from MoCCA slideshow, and then we poked around on her blog and were like, yikes. Where are all these talented cartoonists COMING FROM?

Friday afternoon tech musings

Things have been a little erratic around Stately Beat Manor this week, and although there’s no way to write about this without sounding like a whiny ingrate, the Beat is just burnt out from some annoying ongoing problems. But now they look like they are getting partially solved so maybe happy faces are coming soon.

But before I delve into tech-moaning, I wanted to grouse about something else. I have just been going through my emails and putting together some FCBD listings — not comprehensive but if people bothered to promote their events, they should get some promotion. And I learned some things.

Top Cow Free Comic Book Day events

Top Cow Productions, Inc. is proud to announce today its plans for this weekend’s Free Comic Book Day, Saturday, May 1st, which takes place in comic shops across North America.  Free Comic Book Day is an annual event where participating direct market stores give out free comics to anyone that walks into their store.

Archaia Free Comic Book Signings

Archaia Comics provided us with a list of their PCBD signings across the land:

Kibbles 'n' Bits — 4/30/10

§ A man from the Congo is trying to ban TINTIN IN THE CONGO in Belgium. Herge’s second Tintin GN is usually sold to adults only, due to some very unfortunate racism present; a court decision is expected on May 5th: Three years ago, the UK’s Commission for Racial Equality called for the book to […]

Chris Hemsworth as Thor is moody

While we’re all talking IRON MAN 2 right now, a look into the crystal ball revelas that a year hence we’ll be all yakking about the THOR movie which opens May 6, 2011, and here’s our first look at Chris Hemsworth as the God of Thunder, courtesy of Yahoo. As you know, Hemsworth beat out […]

Meet The Wimpy Vampire

n353393.jpg A publisher in the UK has come up with the most commercial mash-up yet. Or we could be totally wrong and neither grade school boys nor junior high girls will like it. Kind of like brussel sprouts.

Brubaker and Phillips' INCOGNITO optioned

Another Icon comic is Hollywood bound, Michael Fleming reports, as INCOGNITO, the supervillain vengeance caper by Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips, has been optioned by by Fox. Peter Chernin and Circle of Confusion’s David Engel will produce and the screenwriter attached is playwright Robert Schenkkan.

JONAH HEX: the trailer

The summer of comic book movies continues as the trailer for JONAH HEX hits the internet. I guess it might not be that bad, even though Megan Fox appears to be a candidate for one of my friends’ “Worst Southern Accent in a Movie” list. Maybe you should be better off taking your $10-15 movie […]

It’s Good To Be the Dream King: Part Two

I was moving an exercise machine – The Total Gym -down to the basement on the sly. My wife and I had discussed moving it from our bedroom – she wanted to keep it there and I wanted to move it to the basement. So, of course I moved the machine behind her back.

Now, the thing weighs about 90 pounds and has ropes and pulleys so it’s awkward to carry. As I wrestled with it coming down the stairs, I missed the last step, and landed on my left ankle. As I went crashing to the ground, the Total Gym followed and came down on my chest…just as my wife was turning the corner. She screamed thinking I had died. When she realized that her idiot of a husband was alive, she started yelling at me for being an ass for carrying it down on my own and reminded me she didn’t want it moved at all. Even though the machine was still on my chest, my wife was crying and yelling, and my ankle hurt like hell and was ballooning up to the size of Schwarzenegger’s bicep, all I could think was; “Shit, the Neil Gaiman book is coming out soon – I have too much to do.” Then I asked my wife for an Advil.

2003 turned out to be an important year, for me and for graphic novels. DC Comics was publishing a BIG book, Neil Gaiman’s Sandman: Endless Nights. It was Neil’s return to Sandman comics and it was not a collection of comics, but an original graphic novel. There was the idea floating around the office that maybe, with Neil’s success with his novels and the fact that American Gods had hit the New York Times Bestseller List, we could have a bestseller on our hands. It was of a dream of mine, to have one of our graphic novels become a best seller.


breckenridgee_lkins.jpg Speaking of the obscure characters of pulp writer Robert E. Howard who managed to churn out a jillion characters before taking his own life at the age of 31, his Texan character Breckenridge Elkins is getting adapted as a webcomic by Gary Chaloner ( Red Kelo, John Law) and Cayetano Garza. Elkins was one of Howard’s more successful character during his lifetime, and the comic has a nice rugged look.

Help Modesty Blaise creator Peter O'Donnell turn 90

201004291306.jpg Via Titan Books, a reminder that Peter O”Donnell , the creator of superspy Modesty Blaise, is turning 90 this year and fans can email him birthday wishes directly at [email protected] or via post at Titan Books, 144 Southwark Street, London SE1 0UP, UK. A prolific author of short stories, novels, articles, plays and film, O’Donnell’s best known character is Blaise, who debuted in 1963 as a comic strip drawn by Jim Holdaway, before going on to star in several film and novel adaptations. New strips stopped appearing in 2001, but reprint volumes of her adventures with sidekick Willie Garvin are readily available via Titan.

The implausible world of fashion in comics

The result is often alarming, as Project Runway fashion expert and comic book dabbler Tim Gunn reacts for all of us to various Superman outfits over the years. “That’s….implausible!” in an interview with Crazy Sexy Geeks. [via]

Welcome Tallulah Louise Fraction

Following hours of Twitter-recorded labor, Matt Fraction and Kelly Sue DeConnick welcomed Tallulah Louise to the world this week, an event so momentous it even made USA Today. Congrats to all.

School library votes to keep BONE on the shelves

After a Minnesota mother challenged her school library on keeping Jeff Smith’s BONE on its shelves — citing smoking, drinking gambling and sexy innuendo as reasons it wasn’t fit for kids — the library board voted 10-1 to keep Bone on the shelves. The mother still objected to the books, but brought her two sons to the meeting, explaining that “It’s important for them to see the process of how books are chosen,” she said. Removing the book from 12 of the the Rosemount-Apple Valley-Eagan school district’s 18 libraries would have been a very rare step — only 20 books have been challenged in the past 20 years, the last being “All But Alice,” by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor, which was removed in 1997.