Diamond update: Shipping normal given the snow

As was reported yesterday, Diamond was closed due to a power loss following the record-setting snowfall over much of the East Coast. According to Diamond reps, the downtime will not affect this week’s shipments–although ANOTHER huge storm headed for the Mid-Atlantic from Washington DC to Boston may affect deliveries. Power was back on at the […]

Christopher Nolan to reboot Superman

Batman savior Christopher Nolan is aboard to rescue the foundering Superman movie franchise, Nikki Finke and Michael Fleming report. Nolan, who is still working on the story for BATMAN 3 with his brother, Jonathan Nolan, and David Goyer, won’t direct the new SUPERMAN 3.0, but will instead have a hands-on role in making sure that […]

Things that were

A page from the weekly comics newspaper, the Comics Buyer’s Guide, March 11, 1988, via Larry Marder . Andy Diggle’s correspondence from 1999 — an eye for talent! And because we need three and Scott Edelman is our go-to-guy, here’s an ad below for the first issue of BOY COMMANDOS, which was originally printed on […]

Wizard World Mars announced

Wow, this is big news! Everyone was wondering when the Wizard World tour would leave the continent, but Gareb Shamus has done everyone one better by announcing that the Helium Super-Card Mini-Con will henceforth be known as the Mars Comic Con Wizard World Interplanetary convention. While everyone is bound to be excited by a show […]

Erik Larsen on the iPad

The Image founder lays down somecommon sense: The thing is–the comic book industry has seen this wave coming toward us for years and has known it was coming for years and has been absolutely baffled as to how to deal with it. Creators and publishers want to make a living, after all–and thus far most […]

Kibbles ‘n’ Bits — 2/9/10

§ WHAT IS KING? CONTENT? or FREE? While the debate rages, the fate of the world hangs in the balance. § Benjamin Marra’s Traditional Comics has a trailer. We’re sold. [Via Nick Gazin] § At the NY Times, George Gene Gustines looks at sales of the most mainstream comics of all, with the TWILIGHT manga, […]