Marvel’s Heroic Age — “They’re back to being good guys.”

USA Today and Marvel announce the new Heroic Age era, or event, or change of direction, or Magic Kingdom-ing or whatever: “Heroes will be heroes again,” says Marvel editor in chief Joe Quesada. “They’ve gone through hell and they’re back to being good guys — a throwback to the early days of the Marvel Universe, […]

Diamond Modifies Initial Order Cancellation Guidelines

Via today’s Diamond Daily, a slight change to the year-old order minimum benchmarks; now, even if a product offered in Previews does not meet the benchmark, orders will still be processed for the first offering: In response to retailer feedback, Diamond is modifying its guidelines for cancelling retailers’ initial orders for underperforming products and merchandise […]

Ware, Cho, Hughes join C2E2

Franco Aureliani, Jimmy Cheung, Frank Cho, Geof Darrow, David Finch, Ron Garney, Adam Hughes, Greg Land, and Paul Pelletier have all been announced as guests at C2E2, the Chicago convention taking place April 16 -18. While the list of guests includes many familiar con-going faces, Ware hasn’t appeared at a mainstream comics show in quite […]

Let’s review: Lost Season 5

While a reviewing of Lost Season 5 may not be entirely necessary to enjoy next week’s final season premiere, it should be undertaken anyway because it’s simply fantastic TV. After five seasons, the acting, writing and directing have cohered into a focused unit; the characters and situations have become so clearly laid out that the […]

DC fights back with…more rings!

People have been wondering when DC would make some kind of move aimed at Marvel’s assault on their Lantern Ring promotion…and now they have. But instead of lashing out, they’ve done it in a, dare we say, grown up way — offering two new rings for an even LOWER order threshold on books that are […]

Bluewater: finding new ways not to pay people

While Bluewater is often just thought of as that make-a-buck-quick company that puts out the funny bios, they’ve been getting a lot of heat lately for a business plan that asks for a huge investment by creators. The new round of controversy began when Newsarama ran a fairly benign interview with publisher Darren G. Davis. […]

Marvel collects DC covers

As promised, photos of DC Blackest Night tie-in comics covers returned to Marvel, via Tom Brevoort’s Twitter. You kids play nice, now!

SDCC 2010 party preview

NY Mag’s Jada Yuan has been attending the Sundance Film Festival and since San Diego is now completely Sundance-ified, here’s what we have to look forward to: Yesterday, on day four of the Sundance Film Festival, this intrepid Vulture reporter was kept from covering a red carpet for The Runaways because it was overcapacity — […]

Fall/Winter Xeric Awards announced

The latest batch of Xeric Grant winners has been announced — since its foundation in 1992, the Xeric has recognized a fairly amazing lineup of cartoonists and comics. Here’s some more comics we’ll be looking for in 2010: Sarah Becan – The Complete and Definitive Ouija Interviews Bryan G. Brown – First Fight Sixta C. […]

T-Minus One Week …

You have seven days to go back and re-watch old episodes to get caught up in time for the season premiere next Tuesday night (fittingly on Groundhog Day). The Helper Monkey has been watching selected shows from all five seasons as a refresher course and has a few observations. – The show is so much […]

Kibbles ‘n’ Bits, 1/26/10

§ ICv2 briefly interviews Chip Kidd on his STRANGE TALES cover for Marvel. § It seems that imagining sex lives for Disney characters just never gets old — even The New Yorker thinks this trope is funny. They did at least update the references. : —When Mickey leers at Minnie in the waterfront bar, let’s […]

Millar and Dynamic Forces auction Nemesis for charity

Via PR, Dunamic Forces and Mark Millar are auctioning off the name of the hero in Millar’s new NEMESIS book for charity. More here. Have you ever imagined yourself as the star of a comic book?  Award-winning writer Mark Millar is offering YOU that chance!  Millar’s upcoming comic book, “Nemesis” (illustrated by Millar’s co-creator, best-selling […]

Thoughts for the day

And now every time I get a little burnt out on what I “have” to do for work, I shut out all the external pressures around covering comics as an industry and read some comics that no one told me too. You should try it sometime too! — Kiel Phegley “The dominant tech culture says […]

NEW!! Born Apart!

Hey there! It’s said that thinking in new patterns helps the mind to stay limber. In that spirit, we’re presenting a NEW BEAT FEATURE called Born Apart! Here we’ll post two completely unrelated images just to get the old braineroo doing some jumping jacks. We’ll search high and low for the most RANDOMLY UNCONNECTED COMICS […]

Where will YOU be on January 27th???

It is coming. And nothing will be the same. At least for bloggers, who will not be able to speculate endlessly about Apple’s expected announcement of an iTablet-like device on Wednesday. The device — a larger, even more readable version of the existing iPhone technology — is expected to have huge ramifications for the print […]

Separated at birth?

A classic LOVE AND ROCKETS cover. The cover to the second issue of Titan’s WWE comic.