The best stuff we found in this month’s Previews:

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from Antarctic Press


From DC and Amanda Conner. KITTY!


  1. My fave: Diamond slapping a “Woman in Comics” logo on Glamourpuss #12! (p.188)

    Runner up: James Bond Barbie Dolls (including Pussy Galore and a very pale Jinx)

    Lessee… there’s the FCBD swag… already ordered the canvas tote, hope for a poster…

    Joe Kubert’s Vietnam hardcover from DC

    The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck hardcovers from Boom!

    New James Sturm GN from D&Q.

    Toon Books publishing Nadja Spiegelman.

    New Amelia Rules!!!!!!!

    Titan Books publishing Bible comics.

    Jules Feiffer’s memoir

    Robert Greenberger Wonder Woman “bio”

    17″ inflatable d20 die

    (And Heidi already mentioned the Usagi plush figure)

  2. I’d blushingly say that I’m so excited one our three Captain Action comics on sale in March was Diamond’s #1 Staff Pick. They were very excited for our team-up mini-series with the Phantom. We are too – and the book is going to be a fun read packed with extra features!

    And I’m also really looking forward to Bob Greenberger’s WW book and Joe Kubert’s Vietnam hardcover from DC. And Glamourpuss too.

  3. That poor Catwoman statuette. Looks like she’s had her legs lopped off at the knees (or that sack is a TARDIS).

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