NY Mag’s Jada Yuan has been attending the Sundance Film Festival and since San Diego is now completely Sundance-ified, here’s what we have to look forward to:

Yesterday, on day four of the Sundance Film Festival, this intrepid Vulture reporter was kept from covering a red carpet for The Runaways because it was overcapacity — which pretty much sums up the infuriatingly overbooked Sundance experience. We’ve seen ticket-holders get turned away from screenings, and last night we watched Shaun White nearly get shut out of a party for Oakley. (To his credit, he just stood there without making a fuss, and the door guy eventually figured things out.)

Shaun White, you may recall, is a 2006 Olymipic snowboarding gold medalist, 2010 Olympics favorite and pretty much the king of Sundance. More from Yuan:

If and when you do get into a party, do not assume you will be allowed to take a bathroom break.

After round eighteen of arguing with security guards who didn’t think that actually being inside a party had anything to do with our ability to cover a party, we went to what was supposed to be the relatively sedate “Variety’s Ten Directors to Watch” panel and after-party at the huge new St. Regis way up in the hills of Deer Valley, Utah. The invite said 6:30 p.m. to 9 p.m., but by 6:45, the room had exceeded its capacity of 250 people, and guards had set up a velvet rope between the party and the only bathroom. Anyone who dared try to exit to pee risked having to stand in a reentry line for over an hour, requiring several gentlemen to offer to pee in the corner.

It’s gonna be grim.


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