Whither Spidey and Raimi now?

Well, we’ve all had 24 hours to come to grips with the fact that he’s gone…John Malkovich’s Vulture will exist only in the cinema of the mind, along with the version of Jedi where Lando dies, and the last reel of THE MAGNIFICENT AMBERSONS. In the past day, there has been enough internet comment on […]

The ’00s rearview mirror: Ultimate Best Of List

Blogger Hunter Phillips has assembled a “Definitive” Best of the ’00s comics list by toting up the published “Best of” lists: THE DETAILS: • Compiled from over 60 “Best of the Decade” lists. • Only those books that made at least 5 lists are included on the master list. Organized by number of mentions. • […]

2009 rearview mirror: Best Online Criticism

Critic Ng Suat Tong has assembled a steely-eyed line-up of critics—himself, Noah Berlatsky, Frank Santoro, Tucker Stone, and Matthias Wivel — to assemble a list of the best online comics criticism of the year and although at least one piece might more rightly be called “journalism”, although it was critical, (Dirk Deppey’s report on Paul […]

Guy who controls Tintin is very controlling

Nick Rodwell is a lawyer and the second husband of Fanny, the widow of Hergé, the world-famous creator of comics icon Tintin. As such, he’s the manager of the Tintin estate. He’s also, it seems, a frustrated control freak who is fanatical about controlling all things Tintin, especially in advance of upcoming films. Cory Doctorow […]

Spidey musical rises again — UPDATED

Disney, which has been a major player on Broadway since Beauty and the Beast and on with The Lion King, Mary Poppins and many others, has UPDATE: Well, another source, the NY Times Arts Beat states that Disney WASN’T the white knight here, and Spidey got it together on its own. Another executive involved with […]

Kibbles ‘n’ Bits, 1/12/10

§ The New Republic has launched an online book review section. A nice vote of confidence for the paper world. And so far, not a graphic novel in sight. Outlier! § Michigan English Teacher Allen Porter explains his graphic novels as literature course. It’s kind of the basic Comics 101 — Understanding Comics, Maus, Persepolis […]