Critic Ng Suat Tong has assembled a steely-eyed line-up of critics—himself, Noah Berlatsky, Frank Santoro, Tucker Stone, and Matthias Wivel — to assemble a list of the best online comics criticism of the year and although at least one piece might more rightly be called “journalism”, although it was critical, (Dirk Deppey’s report on Paul Levitz’s ouster) it shows that online is not entirely a vast wasteland. There are three first place winners:

Robert Alter on Robert Crumb’s The Book of Genesis (“Scripture Picture”)

Joe McCulloch on Batwoman in Detective Comics (“A Review of Batwoman in Detective Comics Focusing Mostly on the Art”)

Tom Spurgeon on Return Reading (“On The Subject of Return Reading”)
And four second place pieces:

Eddie Campbell on Will Eisner’s PS: The Preventive Maintenance Monthly

Tom Crippen on the Age of Geeks

Dirk Deppey on Paul Levitz (“The Man Who Couldn’t Shoot Straight”)

 Andrew Rilestone on Watchmen (“Who Sent the Sentinels”)

Frank Santoro expands on his choices with bonus picks here.