Now what do you think THIS is the logo for?

Seriously. Think about it a little while. . . . If you guessed the upcoming line of comics conventions run by Gareb Shamus/Wizard, you were correct. Of course, nothing in the logo would indicate that this is not, say, the New York Comic-Con. And considering that the San Diego Comic-Con International technically owns the trademark […]

PERSONAL #3: Haspiel/Galifiniakis — the cosmic connection

This week’s New Yorker contains many things comics … a cover by Ivan Brunetti, a print ad for the Vertigo Crime Line (props to DC for outside-the-box marketing) and a story on HBO’s upcoming series Bored to Death in Brooklyn. The show is notable because it is written by sometimes comics scripter Jonathan Ames, and […]

PERSONAL #2: Chris Weston, crimefighter

Artist Chris Weston is no stranger to mayhem, having drawn THE FILTH, THE TWELVE, and many more beloved comics classics. Doubtless the ninja training of working with Grant Morrison and JMS has honed his senses into the lightning fast reflexes he needed to actually solve a crime! After witnessing a robbery at his local bank, […]

PERSONAL #1: Single man found in comics

We won’t out this blogger, except to say that Time Out New York has deemed him one of New York’s most ELIGIBLE bachelors: Brian H., 28; blogs editor for PC Magazine and editor-in-chief of The Daily Cross Hatch; Astoria, Queens Why he’s a great catch: “I say funny things and know things about stuff. I’m […]

iPhone — not so fast!

While the iPhone is rapidly becoming the new hotness as a platform for comics distribution, hold on a sec.AT&T still sucks donkey balls and swamp water as their crap network can’t keep up with the demand for bandwidth: Not only do iPhone owners download applications, stream music and videos and browse the Web at higher […]

Things that would not happen now

via The New York Times: Correction: May 31, 1998, Sunday A picture caption last Sunday with an article about the battle for control of the Marvel Entertainment Group misidentified a Marvel Comics character that visited the floor of the New York Stock Exchange in 1995. It was the Thing, not Iron Man.