Breaking! WOLVERINE cast includes female

This is seriously the most hottie guy-packed movie since 300. We don’t even KNOW who to obsess over. And given the recent stringent enforcement of the “There can be only one” rule re female characters in all but chick flicks, the testosterone levels are about to bust right out of the tube. BUT…what’s this? A […]

Morrison romps through the Multiverse

Wizard has the scoop on Grant Morrison’s new dimension-spanning head trip, and The Weekly Crisis has laid it all out on the web for you. It’s a seven-issue miniseries for DC, each issue taking place on a different Earth called The Multiversity. However, the issues interconnect and reflect one another. Earths that will never be […]

Disney and Hulu team up

Proving once again, for a website to become an intimate part of life and culture, its odds are greatly enhanced by containing the comedy “oo” sound, as Hulu marched one step closer to becoming indispensable by pacting with Disney. Rejoice, rejoice, for the future is now. Confirming rumors that appeared last month, Disney and Hulu […]

G. Willow Wilson May Day AIRlift

Via G. Willow Wilson, buy AIR and benefit a good CAUSE: Whacky as it is, AIR is a book with a message. So, for every copy of AIR bought this May Day (Friday, May 1st), I will donate $1 to the Koru Foundation, a UK-based charity that helps impoverished communites the world over develop low-cost […]

To Do NYC: Fresh Meat

Sorry to be so New York-centric this week but it really is a banner week for all things graphic in the Apple. Tonight, it’s SVA’s annual student comics convention, as reported by Matt Madden. Most interesting for the general public will be Fresh Meat, the mini-comics convention for SVA cartooning students. You’ll find a range […]

Well now, talk about TIMELY

Holy shit, have people really been PREDICTING this pandemic thing? You’d think so, based on this 12 page comic on preparing for a flu epidemic, produced by the Seattle & King County Public Health dept. The artist is David Lasky. The comic is FREE, but sorry, sufferers, you must be perishing in King County, WA […]

Kibbles 'n' Bits, 5/1/09

Catching up on a lot of stuff today….so away we go. § Pictures from last night’s Wolverine event at MoCCA Above, © 2009 Jennifer Wendell Pictured: from L to R: Chris Claremont (MARVEL), Karl Erickson (MOCCA), Matthew K. Manning (AUTHOR), Susan Stockman (DK), Peter Sanderson (MOCCA) § AND a nice little report on Monday’s event […]

May day! May day!

Can it be that 2009 is already 1/3rd finished? HOW? HOW? HOW? We have barely finished musing over our end of year “Best of” list. And here is the year, hurtling towards Midsummer’s Day already. It was only yesterday that we were toasting the New Year and making plans….and here we are, making the same […]