That app for iPhones for finding the nearest comics shop that we told you about a few days ago is now available on iTunes. Via PR:

In a move promising tremendous benefits for comic book specialty shops, Diamond Comic Distributors and iVerse Media have joined forces to create a special “app” for Apple® iPhone® and iPod Touch® that puts the power of the Comic Shop Locator Service (CSLS) in the hands of consumers – for FREE.

“We’re entering a new phase with the Comic Shop Locator Service and we’re excited to expand its reach to customers using mobile and GPS devices like the iPhone,” said Dan Manser, Diamond’s Director of Marketing. “With the help of iVerse Media, this helps extend Diamond’s position as an e-marketing innovator.”

“At iVerse we’re committed to helping publishers sell more comics to new and existing readers, both digitally and in print.” said iVerse founder Michael Murphey. “By partnering with Diamond on innovative mobile solutions like the CSLS iPhone App, we can do just that. “

An outgrowth of the strategic partnership between Diamond and iVerse, and just the first of many planned initiatives, the new Comic Shop Locator Service application is available for free download from the iTunes store and compatible with iPhones and iPod Touch. Combining the searchability and interactive map features of the web-based, iVerse Media’s version also offers the ability to pinpoint your exact latitude and longitude via the iPhone’s GPS capabilities, giving you the closest possible participating comic shops, even if you don’t know the ZIP code.

Of course, users can still search for stores by entering a ZIP code, just like the original 888-COMIC-BOOK number or website version. Like those earlier resources, the new iVerse CSLS app draws information from a database of hundreds of comic shops worldwide, expanding the cutting-edge service that has been connecting consumers with comic book retailers since 1996. Since its inception, the CSLS has given out referrals to more than one million consumers, driving thousands of fans into comic book specialty shops.

Once the closest shops are located and beamed to your iPhone or iPod Touch– giving you the store name, street address, city, state, ZIP, phone number and distance – you have the option of calling the store of your choice or viewing the location in Maps, all at the touch of a button. Future plans include an International version of the Comic Shop Locator app, widening the Service’s reach even further.

For more information and to download the free Comic Shop Locator iPhone App, go to  or


  1. It should be noted that retailers have to pay to be listed on the locator service, so it will not be a complete listing — only those retailers that pony up to Diamond to be listed. :-) Google for the rest!

  2. I’ve got a hand held navigator. You can type in Comic Books, (or anything else for that matter) and it will tell you all the ones that are close to you. (And guide you there, too.)

  3. Does anyone know exactly how many comic shops there currently are in the US? It seems to be a difficult number to pin down.

  4. @Matt D…

    The last speculation that I had heard was between 2500-3000 in North America. I have nothing to back that up but I have heard it from multiple sources.

    I honestly don’t think Diamond would ever reveal the actual number.

    the Tiki

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