Via G. Willow Wilson, buy AIR and benefit a good CAUSE:

Whacky as it is, AIR is a book with a message. So, for every copy of AIR bought this May Day (Friday, May 1st), I will donate $1 to the Koru Foundation, a UK-based charity that helps impoverished communites the world over develop low-cost renewable energy projects, bringing climate-friendly electricity to villages without a single light bulb. Ironically, the people most threatened by climate change are those who had the least responsibility in creating it. I saw this firsthand in North Africa, where desertification is already destroying ancient farming cultures. By acting now, we can help ease the burden on our planet while bringing power to communities without it.

Here is what to do:

1. On Friday, May 1st, click here to purchase a copy of AIR: Letters from Lost Countries from Amazon.com
2. Email info [at] gwillowwilson [dot] com. Write ‘May Day AIRlift’ in the Subject line. In the body of the email, copy and paste your Amazon order number. Do NOT include any financial information, your address, or anything else! Just the order number.
3. Sit back, wait for your book to arrive, and feel good about having done something for our planet.

A copy of this email is available here on my website. Feel free to link to it, forward this email widely and/or post this message to your blogs. I appreciate your support.


  1. Charity is a good thing, but KNOW your charity first. ;)


    Be advised that this is NOT a non-profit charity like some in the states. And although I don’t think this will bring in tons of money anyways, unless Ms. Wilson has specifically set up this ‘trust’ to the charity to be used for immediate projects or in the future, it just gets pocketed by the board members.

    Just FYI.

  2. *sigh* Just Amazon?

    I cut out the middle woman and donated GBP 5 directly on the website.

    (And I’m not being critical of Ms. Wilson. However, whenever I see on of those (RED) items, I can’t help but think, why not just donate the money you spent on the item directly to the charity? Yes, yes, I know… people like to advertise their philanthropy. But what does that say about those individuals and their psyches? I mean, you really want to show how much you care, why not get a (RED) tattoo on your forehead?)