WonderCon by Matt Maxwell Part 2: Hand of Law

by Matt Maxwell Saturday was rough, a reckoning of several nights with little sleep capped off by a 3:30 bedtime and five hours of sleep that morning. Maybe you cool kids do that every night, with your energy drinks and your crystal meth. Me, I get by with coffee and a little stumbling and having […]

Reynolds on benchmarks

We’ve been waiting a long time for someone to sit down and ask Eric Reynolds what he thinks about Diamond’s benchmarks, and Chris Mautner finally stepped up to do it himself. The general thrust is that…the indie periodical was already looking a little green around the gills: Let me put it this way. I think […]

Quick news roundup

A few important news bits that we hadn’t previously covered: § Announced at WonderCon, IDW will present the final complete edition of THE ROCKETEER for the first time ever. The late Dave Stevens had already helped plan the complete book, and even approved a new colorist for the project. The collection will include all the […]

Scans_daily story roundup

Glen Hauman interviews the scans_daily moderators over at ComicMix, and it’s interesting on many levels. ComicMix: What do you know about the circumstances of the shutdown? Has LiveJournal told you what prompted the shutdown? Were you given any warning, or any ability to address the situation? Stubbleupdate: I crawled out of bed on Saturday morning […]

Tonight: MoCCA WATCHMEN Benefit screening

You still have time to go get a ticket for MoCCA’s WATCHMEN benefit tonight. And if you come with a mask on, you get a discount! Come to MoCCA’s Benefit Advance Screening of WATCHMEN on March 5th dressed as your favorite Watchmen character and get a ticket to the benefit, including the advance screening, VIP […]

Studio coffee run: HOXFORD optioned; HORNET tidbit

§ Variety reports that Ben Templesmith’s WELCOME TO HOXFORD has been picked up by Chris Columbus’s production company. Ben Templesmith, who co-penned the vampire comic series “30 Days of Night,” which Sony made into a film in 2007, created “Hoxford,” about a psychiatrist who must team with a deeply disturbed patient in order to escape […]

Land o’ Links, 3/5/09 (now with WATCHMEN)

Really only time for a few today…it’s been crazy around here and we’ve been huddled in a blanket eating crackers. § Dan Nadel looks at Craig Yoe’s new book on Boody Rogers. § Ben Morse looks at some notable recent comics Whatever-happened-tos, including Will Pfeifer and Darryl Banks. § Sarah at Alert Nerd looks back […]