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You still have time to go get a ticket for MoCCA’s WATCHMEN benefit tonight. And if you come with a mask on, you get a discount!

Come to MoCCA’s Benefit Advance Screening of WATCHMEN on March 5th dressed as your favorite Watchmen character and get a ticket to the benefit, including the advance screening, VIP reception and after party for only $20! (That is $80 off the general ticket price.)

Call today to order your tickets: 212-254-3511

Tickets are limited, so order right away! Tickets available for Advance Purchase Only

This once-in-a-lifetime evening begins with a reception at MoCCA for The Art of Watchmen exhibition, continues with an advance screening of Watchmen at AMC 19th St., and concludes with an author signing of Watchmen: Portraits by Clay Enos.

5pm: Vip Reception & SILENT AUCTION at MoCCA
7pm: SCREENING at AMC 19th Street 890 Broadway
10pm: AFTERPARTY back at MoCCA with special guests and a signing of Watchmen: Portraits by Clay Enos

Tickets are $100 | $75 for MoCCA members | $20 for Masked Heroes
Tickets may be purchased on-line at, in person at MoCCA or by phone, 212-254-3511, Tues. – Sat., 12-5pm.

All proceeds from this special event go to support MoCCA programming.

The exhibit is a notable one, with all 12 original WATCHMEN covers, loaned from Gareb Shamus’s personal collection, on display:

Wizard Entertainment Chairman Gareb Shamus has loaned from his personal art collection all 12 original Watchmen covers by artist Dave Gibbons. The covers will be put on display as part of the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art’s special exhibit called “The Art of Watchmen.” The exhibit coincides with this Friday’s much-anticipated opening of the Watchmen film, which promises to be one of the biggest movie events of 2009.

“These covers haven’t seen the light of day together in more than 15 years,” said Shamus. “It’s a huge honor to be able to share them all at once with an audience discovering this groundbreaking story for the first time. Everybody in the world is finally learning about Watchmen, and this is a great place to see the exciting roots of this phenomenon.”

The 12 covers are among the most iconic ever produced in the medium, and included in Shamus’ impressive collection is the first-ever appearance of the Comedian’s blood-stained smiley-face button. It’s an image that has become synonymous with the millions of historic graphic novels sold over the past two decades.

Also featured at the exhibit will be original character sketches by Dave Gibbons, photographs by Clay Enos of the Watchmen movie cast and photos from director Zack Snyder’s collection. The exhibition starts on March 6 and runs through May 2. For more information about The Art of Watchmen exhibition, visit MoCCA online at For more information about Wizard Entertainment, visit

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    Anti-Mask: New York Penal Law § 240.35(4) SUMMARY New York’s anti-mask law criminalizes the wearing of masks or disguises by three or more persons in a public place unless done in connection with a “masquerade party or like entertainment,” after obtaining a permit to wear masks from the police or other appropriate authorities. The courts have defined “like entertainment” as “social gatherings, dances, andperformances that involve masks or costumes,” Under the current law, wearing a bandana tied around one’s face falls within the scope of the mask prohibition.

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  2. Wow, I wonder how long Gareb has owned those 12 covers and how much they cost (and just tracking down if they weren’t in the same place)!? I’m sure if he sold all the 12 covers today he could re-invent Wizard magazine and maybe their sales wouldn’t be as sluggish as they are.

  3. In conjunction with the mask law presumably, it used to be illegal for masked wrestlers to work under hoods for the WWWF at Madison Square Garden. Some masked stars had to work without them when booked for Vince Sr.

    IIRC, Mil Mascaras was the first masked worker in modern MSG history.