A few important news bits that we hadn’t previously covered:

§ Announced at WonderCon, IDW will present the final complete edition of THE ROCKETEER for the first time ever. The late Dave Stevens had already helped plan the complete book, and even approved a new colorist for the project. The collection will include all the Rocketeer materials variously published by Pacific, Eclipse, Comico, and Dark Horse over the years, with new coloring by Laura Martin.

Final Crisis Hc

§ Also collected complete in one volume will be the Final Crisis saga. As Chris Butcher and many others noted, the story in FC #1-7 didn’t make much sense without the issues, SUPERMAN BEYOND and FINAL CRISIS: SUBMIT. The new collection will be bigger and retail for $30. Don MacPherson, like most, is happy the whole story will be in one book, but seems to be mad about bungling from the start:

It’s encouraging to see the publisher taking steps to correct such a clear problem. It’s possible that original solicitation for the book was done in error, that this was the plan all along. It’s also possible that Morrison himself stepped up and pointed out the problems that the omissions would create for the reader. Personally, I’d like to think DC listened to its customers — both at the retailer and reader levels — and took the appropriate steps.

It’s a shame, though, that they didn’t take a couple more steps up that flight of stairs to the Apology Floor.

Personally, we think this is all endemic to the Crisis Age of Comics, and that horse ran out of the stable laughing and crying a long time ago.


§ On the New Diamond Age tip, Ted May announces that INJURY #3, already completed, is yet another victim of the crushing 20,000 ton benchmark.

With no large scale distribution, it’s not feasible for Injury to continue in its current format. It was basically engineered for the direct market. I haven’t yet decided how we’ll proceed. At the moment we’re just back to writing new stuff. But please do keep an eye out for the third ish. It’s probably the best we’ve done so far. I’ll update this blog regarding future books. The fire of comics will continue to warm (and in some cases melt) peoples’ faces. That much I can say with certainty.


  1. I am very glad to have grown up in the era where the only way I could read the Rocketeer was by chasing down each individual issue and the two treasury trades at cons over about a six year period but will be even gladder to have the single volume hardcover.