WonderCon programming

WonderCon’s programming is up! And we’re totally bummed we’re not going. Some highlights: Stan Sakai! Jill Thompson! Trina Robbins! Sergio Aragones! Matt Fraction! Ed Brubaker! Michael Chabon! You get the idea.

World’s great cartoonists enjoy standing on rocks, talking in diners

Alvin Buenaventura has posted his Angouleme ’09 photos and they are quite protean. In case you can’t see it clearly, that’s Crumb, Ware, Clowes, Tomine, and Buenaventura all scrambling around on some rocks or ancient battlements or whatever they keep in medieval French towns. Here’s another one: That Marjane Satrapi sure likes to talk, right? […]

Deep Thoughts, 2/12/09

No kibbles ‘n’ bits today — it’s all hard thinking. § Steven Grant attempts to write a brief history of a certain school of comics writing that flourished from c. 1997 until FINAL CRISIS, a school — led by Grant Morrison — which he calls “mad ideas.” We’re not 100 percent down with the piece, […]


§ Director Edgar Wright keeps posting pics of the SCOTT PILGRIM cast: Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Ramona Flowers Ellen Wong as Knives Chau, Satya Bhabha as Matthew Patel. BTW, /Film has side by sides of the photos with the cartoon characters. § Tremendous, tremendous excitement on the movie rumor circuit tonight, as the Wachowskis seem […]

Hoteloween is on its way!

Via the San Diego website. Mark your calendars!: On or after March 19, call the Comic–Con Housing Desk at 1–877–55–COMIC (1–877–552–6642) or 212–532–1660 or come back to this page (bookmark it now!) for more info and online reservations. Hotels at Comic-Con International are always hot commodities and most book up early. Room inventory is constantly […]