We were a little disappointed when the Covered blog first began. The idea — indie cartoonists recreating classic comics covers — was dynamite, but initial efforts were a bit too close to copying. But now it has gotten mad good. Look at this Richard Sala Batman if you don’t believe us. Much more in the link!


  1. I wish the indie artists wouldn’t try to replicate the logo, price, date, etc. Just capture the image. If they leave enough room, it might be fun to photoshop the “official logos” later on.

  2. I pick up anything Sala does. I first saw his work on MTV’s Liquid Television, and now I get to enjoy his comic work. Nice job.

  3. I like it when someone brings something new to the original. Most of the attempts do not impress me. There’s a lot of potential to this concept to be explored in addition to just doing a tracing of the cover elements in ballpoint pen. Maybe later ones will be more innovative.

  4. I too don’t quite see the point of this exercise. Or rather, as Al says above, most of the examples on that blog don’t seem to live up to the concept’s potential. I suppose that this exercise might potentially serve as some sort of arty commentary on the pop culture of comic books, but there’s not a lot of examples that come anywhere near to doing anything close to, for example, what Warhol did with soup cans and Marilyn Monroe imagery. (That’s a tall order, I know, but you get my drift…)

    All that said, I do like what Dash Shaw did with that Trevor von Eden Green Arrow cover: