§ Director Edgar Wright keeps posting pics of the SCOTT PILGRIM cast:

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Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Ramona Flowers

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Ellen Wong as Knives Chau,

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Satya Bhabha as Matthew Patel.

BTW, /Film has side by sides of the photos with the cartoon characters.

§ Tremendous, tremendous excitement on the movie rumor circuit tonight, as the Wachowskis seem to be back in play! And maybe on…SUPERMAN!

Whoa, whoa, let’s just take a second to soak all of this in. A source wrote in to Ain’t It Cool News saying that he was watching a TV show in Germany where V for Vendetta and Ninja Assassin director James McTeigue was being interviewed. McTeigue said that due to the shake up of projects at Warner Brothers (i.e. they put all DC Comics movies on hold until they could figure out a new strategy), the Wachowskis were off of their latest superhero project called Plastic Man. Instead, they were approached by WB execs to reboot the Superman franchise as a trilogy and they’re currently weighing their options before making a decision.

More in the link on Plastic Man, Supes, and so on. Personally, having been one of the SPEED RACER lovers out there, I think a Wachowski take on PLASTIC MAN would have been fun as hell, but maybe they can put the “super” back in Superman.

§ Meanwhile, John Malkovich has joined the cast of JONAH HEX:

Malkovich will play Turnbull, a wealthy Southern plantation owner whose son is killed by Union soldiers during the Civil War.


  1. I don’t see the point of doing another Superman movie. It’s not as if the character is deep. Someone who’s read Superman stories knows what his powers are, his relationships, his motivations, etc. There’s nothing new to say about them — and doing a trilogy implies that the intent is to make a complete statement about the character, which seems to me rather like intending to do a trilogy about Dagwood Bumstead or Rex Morgan, M.D. There’s not enough material to work with, unless the character ages or otherwise lives his life to completion. In the absence of completion, the movie will be about comparing performances and special effects.


  2. Maybe if the Wachowskis direct we’ll finally get to see a giant Brainiac attack Earth. Or Bizarro. Or even a Lex Luthor who isn’t primarily motivated by real estate greed. Either way, we definitely wouldn’t be stuck with another modern attempt to make an exact replica of movies that were made 30 years ago.

  3. from the article: ‘Thoughts?’


    first one: ‘Why are they both men in that picture?’

    second one: ‘eh, could work, maybe.’

  4. Yeah but Oz- Wasn’t it Singer’s plan to bring Brainiac into the next picture anyway?

    I’ll wait around for the Jonah Hex flick to open up, if you don’t mind.



  5. Well, there’s Kandor, of course. And Bizarro, with his cube world. And Zod, in the Phantom Zone…Mxyzptlk slumming it in the Fourth Dimension before heading back to his “real” life in the Fifth…all looking for their own piece of heaven…

    No. NO. That way lies madness.